Why Satori Consulting for Soundproof windows?

Satori Consulting is a more cost-effective solution than replacing your existing windows altogether and offers so many additional benefits:

  • Bespoke design solutions to preserve your windows’ integrity and appearance
  • Strong, reliable, long-lasting and low maintenance
  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Suitable for conservation areas, listed and historic buildings
  • Substantially improves the thermal insulation of existing single-glazed windows
  • Reduces fuel bills by cutting out draughts and improving energy performance
  • Enhanced levels of noise insulation
  • No external access required – ideal for multi-storey buildings
  • Reduces insurance premiums by adding an additional barrier against unauthorized entry

The perfect solution – Eternia Aluminium Windows in Pune

We are now the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Satori Consulting units, making anywhere between 700 and 1200 units a week. We are renowned for the excellent service we offer and have built our reputation on providing top quality products that offer great value for money. Our Satori Consulting is suitable for all types of premises, including grade one and two listed buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, hotels, churches and commercial buildings. With a comprehensive range of designs, finishes, accessories and glass to choose from, we can provide a perfect solution for any type of property – go on, try us!

No hassle, quick turnaround quotes P Suitable for virtually all applications, including s ash windows, arched windows, steel framed windows and doors P Quick, clean and non-disruptive installation with n o need to redecorate or clean up afterwards P Fully accredited and backed up by test results and certification – Domal / Euro Section Premium Aluminum Windows in Pune

Cut out noise in today’s modern world, the volume of intrusive, disturbing noise entering our homes and places of work from outside is reaching intolerable levels – which can be extremely damaging to our health and wellbeing. Satori Consulting specified for sound insulation is the most effective method of achieving significant levels of noise reduction and sound proofing. Specialist laminated acoustic glass is used to maximize the noise reduction from all types of obtrusive noise, such as:

  • General street noise
  • Traffic noise
  • Aero plane and airport noise
  • Railway, station and train noise. So, now you can concentrate on your work or enjoy a good night’s sleep, in a newly peaceful environment.

Reducing noise pollution can have an enormously positive effect on productivity and quality of life

Significant amounts of heat can be lost through single glazed windows, giving your home a poor energy rating and creating large energy bills. – Soundproof Windows & Doors in Pune

Reduce energy bills

Our standard Satori Consulting substantially reduces the heat lost through single glazed windows and can be made even more energy efficient by specifying low “E” heat reflective glass and “A” rated sealed units. We also offer three premium solutions, from Standard to Outstanding, for optimal thermal insulation – enabling you to achieve energy neutrality. Whichever option you choose, the units will:

  • save energy
  • reduce heating bills
  • improve the energy rating of your home
  • add to your comfort. Official tests show that Satori Consulting with energy efficient glass offered 11% more heat insulation than standard double glazing.


Increase security – Structural Glazing in Pune

Our Satori Consulting improves home security, and helps cut your insurance premiums, by adding an additional barrier against unauthorized entry as they cannot be opened from the outside. For higher risk and more vulnerable doors and windows, such as those on the ground floor rear of a property, we can upgrade the specifications to include:

  • deadlocks
  • multi-point locking
  • toughened glass
  • laminated security glass. However, windows and doors that are used as fire exits are still easy to access and open from the inside, ensuring the safety of everyone in the building. We also offer limited opening restrictors for use where small children are around.

The results

Noise reduction Tests were carried out by Chiltern Dynamics in October and November 2012 under laboratory conditions in accordance with BS EN ISO 1014-2 ‘Laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of Building Elements’. Noise reduction is always stated as the combined noise reduction of the primary window plus any Satori Consulting. Tests show that, in a typical situation, the noise that you hear without Satori Consulting is 400% greater. In other words, from a starting point of 50dB, the level of noise that you hear decreases by 20dB, so it is halved (10dB) and then halved again (another 10dB).

By fitting Satori Consulting with 6.4mm laminated acoustic glass and a 75mm cavity, the level of noise experienced decreased by: 75%

Thermal insulation The following Satori Consulting thermal insulation test was carried out in India by the Interver Glass Technology specialist glass testing facility for an installation in Eire:

  • the existing primary window was traditional timber framed with putty glazed 4mm float glass
  • the cavity was a typical unsealed 85mm
  • the secondary window was our standard white finished aluminum Satori Consulting unit with hardwood fixing sub frame and channel, glazed with 4mm Pilkington ‘K’ hard coat low ‘E’ glass Thermal window insulation is always stated as the combined thermal insulation of the primary window plus any Satori Consulting: P the combined window thermal insulation U value f or this configuration was 1.868 W/m²K P this will be equivalent to a WER rating scale of B o r C.


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