Global Gas Meters Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020 By P&S Market Research

The growing need for energy conservation has resulted in the increased installation of gas meters globally. Smart gas meters are able to provide precise consumption percentage or volume of gas, which facilitates the end users to plan their consumption and save money. This has also increased the demand of smart meters in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. The development of meter data management applications, is one of the major trends that has been observed in the gas meters market. The difficulty in managing large data volume is a major restraint in the gas meter market.

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Various regulations in Europe have been driving the gas meter market in the region, which in turn, is boosting the market growth. Owing to new investments by the gas meter companies, the technologically upgraded products are being launched in the market, which is increasing their demand. The European gas meter market is also increasing, due to the addition of new technologies in communication modules to the existing gas meters, and increasing investment in the technology. On the basis of types, the gas meters market can be categorized as basic gas meter and smart gas meter. The gas meters can also be categorized on the basis of end users as industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

The volume of fuel gases such as propane and natural gas is measured, with the help of gas meters. Smart gas meters record gas consumption of a particular location regularly and transmit the records to the utility control center, through a communication network. In order to check status of the gas network, useful information such as gas pressure and consumption can be captured for analysis purpose. The design of gas meters is decided by manufacturers on the basis of the type of gases being measured, the range of flows anticipated, and the volumetric flow rate of gas to be measured. In the gas meters, remote reading is done through an electronic pulse output attached on the meter. Generally contact closure switch is mounted on the meter for remote reading.

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With the introduction of centralized management system, the trend of remembering data in most of the departments has come to an end.  Presently, the adoption rate of meter data management applications is low in the gas meter market, but it is expected to increase considerably in the coming years.

With the help of smart meters, water loss can be controlled and leak detection can be improved. Theft of gas incurs more loss than that of electricity, which necessitates their safety.  One of the significant drivers for electricity companies is peak-demand reduction. Though, peak-demand is not a huge concern for gas, due to the fact that gas utilities have elasticity to keep the energy in stock, by varying the gas pressure in pipes. In comparison to liquids, gases are more difficult to measure, since measured volumes are disturbed by the temperature and pressure. In spite of pressurized quantity of the gas which flows through the meter, gas meters measure a defined volume.

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