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Grow light is an electronic source of light used to stimulate plant growth artificially as it is designed to emit electromagnetic radiation similar to that required for photosynthesis. They are majorly used as indoor lighting systems that is right for the particular plant species to be grown and can be deployed for both on and off earth applications. The plants grown in space can be used as replacement of nutrient pills for astronauts and cosmonauts. The grow lights are emerging as an opportunity as a means of food production in the space for extra-terrestrial colonization. The blue LEDs are key for the vegetative growth stage in a plant, while the red LEDs drive fruiting and flowering.

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This rapidly growing marketplace seeks to boost productivity in greenhouses and indoor commercial plant farming. Now-a-days, indoor farming has been evolving due to the increasing adoption of farm-to-table concept and surging demand for organic foods. Under the farm-to-table concept, restaurants and cafeterias directly acquire from local food producers, in which indoor farming is helpful. Organic food on the other hand also promotes indoor farming which has been imparting positive impact on the grow lights market. Inside the doors, one can control the environment better for organics.

As the farmers tend to optimize plant production, the grow light manufacturing companies seek to form light recipes for specific plants, with the idea of patenting these recipes. However, each plant species often reacts differently to different recipes and different species of the same plant also seem to react differently. Also, one plant may require different wavelengths of light depending on where it is at in its growth stage. Grow lights cannot meet requirement for specific plants, therefore, significant research is required to be done in this field. On the other hand, growers have observed that they have been able to achieve a rapid return on investment due to substantial decrease in the energy costs associated with using grow lights. Grow lights are also helpful in elongating the growth season, removing chemical contaminants from the food supplies, and also significantly reducing transportation costs for food production, which has been increasing its market demand.

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The concept of multi-layer farming, has been evolving to increase the yield in the per unit area of the field, which leads to the idea of city farming. Besides, the evolving acceptance of Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in indoor farming has also been observed in the grow lights market. Medical Marijuana is legal for use in 28 U.S. states, with several other states to continue following the league. For instance, Sacramento, California has only recently begun accepting commercial Marijuana grow rooms. Heliospectra said that it expects to receive additional orders and that it has already sold smaller numbers of units to customers in Colorado and Washington, where recreational Marijuana has now been made legal.

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