The modular kitchen system for everyone in Pune & Aurangabad

With Bella Kitchens, everyone can now afford and own a quality kitchen system in pune that suits their lifestyle, budget and preferences!

Bella Kitchens was incorporated with the objective to offer quality yet affordable modular kitchen systems in response to the growing demand in the mass market segment, which represents a huge market share in the kitchen systems industry. Coupled with customers’ increased price sensitivity and emphasis on product value, the Bella Kitchens brand aims to meet the needs of a fast-expanding yet discerning customer base.

Through its groundbreaking and innovative approach, Bella Kitchens has introduced a new and creative kitchen planning experience through a “self-involvement” concept which gives maximum flexibility in every step – from hands-on design, planning, coordination of delivery and the final installation. This no-frills approach helps to keep costs low and put control back in the hands of the customer, much in the same way low cost airlines operate.

Why buy Bella Kitchens


  • Bella Kitchens operates on low overheads which come from low rental, no designer salaries, no sales commissions and no project management costs. All these translate to huge savings which are passed down to you through our amazingly low prices.
  • Through our bulk purchases and mass production you benefit from economies of scale compared to custom-made orders – resulting in an extremely cost-effective solution.


  • You only pay for the price of the product, with the option of having other value-added services at a nominal cost.
  • Our modular kitchen systems have been designed from our years of experience to suit a wide variety of needs, and complement each other perfectly. This allows you to tailor your choice and pay only for the components you want.
  • A transparent and detailed component price list enables you to manage your own budget without hidden costs and fees.


  • Bella Kitchens’s 3D kitchen miniature modeling kit – our very own interactive design and quotation tool – you can complete the design and obtain a quotation within a few minutes without having to come back on another day.
  • Most of your choices are in stock, you can usually take home your purchase within the same day once payment is made. You even control and manage your own delivery and installation schedule.


  • Bella Kitchens products come from the same sources as leading kitchen manufacturer with nearly two decades of industry experience and backed by the team of experts.


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