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Single Board Computers Market – Current trends, Opportunities, Challenges and Forecast by 2025

A Single Board Computer is an electronic device installed on single circuit board with micro- processors, memory and other input/output features required for normal functioning of a computer. The Single Board Computer are made by increasing density of integrated circuits. This reduced circuit configuration also reduces the overall cost of the system by reducing number of bus drivers and connectors, by eliminating number of circuit boards required. By merging all the functionalities on a single board, a smaller system popularly known as Single Board Computer is obtained. 

Package in Radar Market Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Industry by 2025

The increasing use of package in radar systems in semiconductors, electronics, homeland security and unmanned vehicles is one of the key driving factors that has been boosting the growth in the global Package in Radar market. The market is segmented on the basis of application, technology, component, frequency band, and geography.

Self-Checkout Systems Market – Current trends, Opportunities, Challenges and Forecast by 2025

Self-checkout which is also recognized as self-service checkout machines deliver a mechanism for consumers to course their own purchases from a retail outlet. They are a substitute to the traditional cashier based checkout. In exercise, the consumer themselves perform the task of the cashier by scanning and then applying payment for the items themselves. It can be named as first-hand bricks-and-mortar convenience method that will allow consumers to collect items off the shelves and proceed without standing in long queue for the purpose of payment. Self-check out shopping practice is being made conceivable by the similar sorts of mechanisms that is being used in self-driven cars, computer visions and sensor fusion besides in depth learning.

Laser Diode Driver Market – Advanced technologies & growth opportunities in global Industry by 2025

A diode is a device that conducts high value current in one direction and limited current in opposite direction. A laser diode as the name suggests works in the same diode principle. Laser diode drivers supply current and voltage from a single laser diode to multiple laser diodes. The drive also protect the laser from oversupply of current.

Ethernet Switches Market – Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis up to 2025

Switch is a particular device that is used in a computer network for connecting two devices electrically. It is being used to communicate between network devices by plugging in multiple data cables. Switches also helps in the flow of data through a network by transmission of network packet to multiple devices. A specific network address is maintained for identification of network devices connected to a switch helping in the regulation of flow of traffic thereby maximizing the security and efficiency of the network. An ethernet switch is a central hub that are wired to computers and network devices within an ethernet. It is the extreme temperature and high vibrations durability that has helped in the growing application of ethernet switches in industrial environment as well. The global market for ethernet switches has been segmented into type, applications and geography. The various types based on which the global market for ethernet switches has been segmented includes unmanaged switch, partially managed switch and fully managed switch. Automotive, healthcare and telecommunication among others form the major application areas based on which the global ethernet switches market has been segmented.

Acoustic Sensors Market: Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis by 2024

An acoustic sensor is a device that can monitor physical, biological, and chemical stimulus by producing as electrical signal through input stimulus. Furthermore, nearly all acoustic devices and sensors use a piezoelectric material to generate acoustic wave. The input stimulus can vary and could be physical such as a pressure and temperature. In chemical monitoring, percentage particulate gas concentration and addition of chemical agent are monitored through the use of acoustic sensors. Biological monitoring process includes, volume or concentration of bacteria, biological agent, and the concentration of antibodies. Electrical monitoring includes, strength of electric or magnetic field, conductivity, and resistivity.


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Ultra Wideband Market Technological Advancements, Evolving Industry Trends and Insights 2024

Ultra wide band (UWB) is the radio technology that is used for conducting large quantity of digital data over a wide-ranging scale of frequency bands with very low power for a short distance. While in acting in the same frequency band, ultra wideband do not get distracted by carrier wave transmission as well as conventional narrowband. It carries a property to transmit the enormous amount of data up to 230 feet at the very low power which range less than 0.5 MW. Ultra wide band Market is usually compared with other short distance wireless technology such as Bluetooth as well as with long distance wireless technology that is Wi-Fi.

Security Robots Market Global Insights and Trends to 2022

The global security robots market was valued USD 1.34 Billion in 2015 is expected to reach USD 2.36 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 8.56% between 2016 and 2022.

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Increasing adoption of unmanned solutions by different military and defense forces is leading to the rise in demand for security robots worldwide.

During the last decade, the total number of active conflicts has increased throughout the world, for instance, the European refugee crisis and disputes in the South and East China. These geopolitical instabilities and territorial conflicts have resulted in the growing need for security robots.

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