LifeCraft Counseling & Coaching LLC Promotes Better Personal Welfare with Individual Counseling

The counseling center in Denver helps individuals overcome personal struggles with its counseling services. It offers a safe space free of judgment to assist clients toward better personal welfare.

[Colorado, 04/27/2017] – LifeCraft Counseling & Coaching LLC, a counseling center in Denver, strives to assist individuals suffering from anxiety and other personal struggles with its individual counseling services. The center understands that personal troubles can compromise a person’s emotional and psychological welfare.

Better Outlook for Patients

Gideon Killion, MA, NCC, LPCC, and the head of LifeCraft Counseling, views personal struggles as an obstacle that happens to anyone.

“Everyone struggles, whether they admit it to others or not. Some struggles are so common that we have given them names: anxiety, depression, anger, addiction. Other struggles are unique to your own situation, and you may not even know what to call them — much less how to handle them on your own,” he shares.

Killion says patients can experience more success and satisfaction by learning new ways of living.

A Safe Space for Counseling

The Denver coaching center creates a healing space for patients in need of a better life outlook. Combining real life experiences with therapeutic techniques, LifeCraft can help clients with the following:

  • Accessing inner strengths
  • Gain clarity about their needs and desires
  • Healing from past wounds
  • Make internal and external changes
  • Build satisfying, successful, and fulfilling lives
  • Overcome persistent problems

The aim is not to fix patients, but help them develop inherent strengths to overcome personal troubles.

“My goal is to help clients outgrow counseling and get back to living,” Killion remarks.

About LifeCraft Counseling & Coaching LLC

LifeCraft Counseling LLC is a professional counseling center serving individuals in Denver. Gideon Killion, a therapist, counselor, and coach, heads the center. The Denver counselor strives to improve personal welfare by offering meaningful coaching services.

LifeCraft counseling services include personal counseling, marriage counseling, and career coaching.

For a free 30-minute consultation, go to today.

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