Scott W. Grand, DMD Provides Quick, Easy Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The family and cosmetic dental clinic provides effective wisdom tooth solutions that aim to minimize pain and discomfort.

[Meridian, 4/27/2017] –Scott W. Grant, DMD, a family and cosmetic dental office, offers treatments that aim to minimize pain and discomfort. It provides a quick and easy wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Revealed

The dental office explains, “Everyone is born with two sets of teeth: your primary (baby) teeth, and your permanent teeth. A full set of 32 permanent teeth includes four molars in the back called wisdom teeth.”

Scott W. Grant adds that wisdom teeth come in during teenage years. But the family and cosmetic dental office clarifies that not everyone will have wisdom teeth come up from the gums. This also means an extraction is not always the case for all patients. But where pain and discomfort exist, and crooked growth develops, a procedure is necessary to avoid further problems.

Scott W. Grant, DMD prevents the development of these complications by providing treatments that alleviate the unnecessary pain and discomfort that cause people to miss school or work.

The Process

The process starts with consultation in which the dentist evaluates whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. The dental office performs oral examinations and provides detailed X-rays for monitoring tooth eruption. The dental team then makes recommendations on the appropriate treatment for the patient.

Patients between ages 15 and 25, and who suffer from pain associated with impacted wisdom teeth often undergo the treatment. Some of the complications linked to the condition include bacterial infections, the formation of tumors or cysts around impacted teeth, as well as issues with tooth and bite alignment.

At Scott W. Grant, DMD extraction can either be under full or local anesthesia.

About Scott W. Grant, DMD

The mission of Scott W. Grant, DMD is to provide effective solutions for various dental issues. Located in Meridian, Idaho, it is home to highly qualified dentists and hygienists with extensive experience. Patients can expect the highest level of care, in a fun, friendly environment, from the moment they arrive.

The dental office offers Invisalign, dental implants, teeth whitening, hospital dentistry, oral sedation, veneers, and other modern dental services.

To know more about the dental office and its treatments, visit today.

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