Ways to Increase B2B Ecommerce Sales

Since a major chunk of revenue comes from B2B sales, focusing on B2B opportunities is very important in order to increase revenue from Online ecommerce store. If you have invested in ecommerce, make sure you make B2B buying and selling simpler. At the same time, you need to cut down your overhead cost of your online business.

Following are the strategies that you need to implement in order to increase B2B sales.

Cut Operational Expenses

You might be using a sophisticated B2B ecommerce platform to give a personalized shopping experience to your customers. This can help to increase B2B sales. However, often the cost associated with sales process has a negative impact on revenue and sales. To reduce cost, you need to streamline supply chain distribution process. To achieve this, you need to implement integrated supply chain methods. Moreover, manage your inventory effectively; avoid overstock.

If you are selling on multiple channels, it makes sense to use a multi-channel ecommerce platform as it allows you to manage your business with minimum effort from one place. It helps to streamline operations from purchase to fulfillment, thereby allowing you to handle your operations more efficiently. All this contributes in lowering costs and increasing sales.

Allow Purchase without Registration

If you want to get more business from B2B customers, the first thing you need to do is simplify their purchasing process. This can be achieved by getting rid of mandatory registrations. ‘Register to purchase’ link can kill your purchases. Filling up the registration details can be a time taking task, particularly for B2B customers as they also have to fill the company information. So avoid that compulsory registration technique as it can deter B2B customers from buying.

Offer Live Chat Support

Studies have shown that providing live chat support can be a game changer for B2B resellers. Research has proved that offering Live chat feature has increased conversion rate, improved average order value by 15 and moreover decreased shopping cart abandonment rate. This features allows you to answer all their queries in real time. You can resolve their buying related issues immediately. As a result, this can speed up their buying decision. No wonder, this functionality has shown to have a positive outcome on B2B sales.

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