Forte Commercial Cleaning Provides Regular Cleaning Services for Veterinary Clinics

Forte Commercial Cleaning, a San Diego-based janitorial company, offers regular cleaning services to veterinary clinics across the city.

[San Diego, 4/28/2017] – Forte Commercial Cleaning, a trusted janitorial company based in San Diego, offers regular cleaning services to veterinary clinics across the city and surrounding areas. It has a team of professionals who are experienced in keeping these facilities clean and healthy for the animals and their owners.

Comprehensive, Detail-Oriented Services

These professionals understand the negative impacts of excessive pet hair to the indoor air quality of an animal clinic. They are trained to remove pet hairs from the premises using the latest cleaning equipment, leaving no animal hair in the corners and nooks of the area. Also, they are experienced in dealing with any level of dirt on floors, windows, and other parts of a veterinary clinic. They provide showroom detailing, as well, helping the facility create a good first impression on its first-time clients, as well as a lasting positive impression on its regular customers.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

For veterinary clinics, the cleaning team uses industrial vacuums with 1-micron particle filters. This equipment has a more powerful suction than regular vacuums; thus, it efficiently picks up pet hair and it doesn’t easily clog. With this equipment, the facility can lower the risk of allergies among pet owners who frequent the place.

Safe Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning team only utilizes non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure the safety of the pets and people in the clinic during and after the service. The team also observes proper cleaning practices, taking into account all of the risks and factors involved in cleaning an animal clinic.

Consistent Services

Forte Commercial Cleaning’s services for veterinary clinics are available on a monthly basis. The service usually starts with a visit and consultation to evaluate the facility. Once the contract is signed, the team will go to the clinic every month to make it spotless.

The company has been providing consistent cleaning services to several animal clinics in San Diego for several years now, and it continues to look for facilities that need their cleaning expertise.

About Forte Commercial Cleaning

Forte Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial services to over 200 commercial clients in San Diego, including offices, gyms, and health facilities. It offers professional cleaning on a monthly basis, providing consistent services to its clients. It is also an Accredited BBB Business and a proud member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA).

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