KEI LLURE Announces Free Gift Plus 10% Discounts On Any Purchase

13, May 2017: Kei Llure has been designed to attenuate the existing beauty of a woman. They have a large range of products for enhancing the beauty of the lips, eyes and the face of a woman. Currently, they are offering a 10% discount on all products and one can also get several freebies for purchasing their beauty products.

The company has a variety of products, and their cruelty free bronzer is more popular among women customers. The bronzer collection includes Summer Glo Bronzer, J Glo Bronzer, Face On The Glow Bronzer, and Caribbean Bronzer. Each of these bronzers offers a velvety finish and luminous finish that adds to the facial glow of a woman. And women who want to augment the beauty of their eyes can rely on the cruelty free eyeshadows that Kei Llure has in its stock. These velvety eyeshadows with a pigmented finish can be suitable for women of all ages.

For women to maintain their cruelty free lips, Kei Llure has a wide variety of products at discount prices. One can check their Masquerade Hydrating Lip Color, Hazelnut Hydrating Lip Color, Deep Wine Hydrating Lip Color, Bordeaux Hydrating Lip Color and other styles. These lip colors offer a long lasting effect and avoid drying of lips. According to the spokesperson of the company, they specialize in paraben free cosmetics that are safe and green. These cosmetics have been discovered by working with reputed green cosmetic brands across the USA and Europe.

The spokesperson reveals that they have makeup products for everyday women and products are personalized for each woman. Carefully selected by the beauty consultants of the company, products like the best nyx lip colors can suit the makeup needs of every woman. These products are delivered at the doorstep of the customers, allowing them to go for a complete makeover. One can choose from different lip colors, eye shadows and other products and can also rest assured of getting price discounts and free gifts. To take advantage of the offer, one can visit the website

About Kei Llure:

KeiLlure was created, from years of extensive education and research. The creator of Kei Llure pursued to find ways to highlight the existing beauty in every woman. By working with prestigious brands through Europe and United States, the creator discovered that many women had one desire. The desire is for few or less products that will do the job for the everyday woman.

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