LGBT Lawyer Dorene A. Kuffer Addresses Parenting Issues for Same-*** Couples

The LGBT rights lawyer in New Mexico assists same-*** couples through the changing landscape of family law and marriage.

[Albuquerque, 5/18/2017] – The changing legal landscape of gay and lesbian rights is the driving force behind LGBT lawyer Dorene A. Kuffer’s goal to protect same-*** couples in New Mexico. The state’s approval of gay marriages, says the gay rights lawyer, does not eliminate the key issues that numerous LGBT couples still face.

“The most important thing for a same-*** family to do is protect their rights within existing laws,” says Kuffer.

With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of family law in New Mexico, the former Supreme Court appointee to the New Mexico Access to Justice Commission provides LGBT couples legal counsel to ensure the security of their rights.

Gay Rights and Child Custody

According to Kuffer, agreements are valuable to both the couple and their children, particularly the minors. Domestic partnership agreements, says LGBT attorney, protect the family with the powers of attorney. In terms of custody, statements about co-parenting and property division enable couples to achieve a more satisfactory outcome.

Dorene A. Kuffer and her law firm assist clients with parenting plans, which outline each parent’s role in the child’s life.

Second Parent Adoptions

New Mexico couples interested in growing their families through second parent adoption can learn more about the state’s LGBT rights with the practice.

In Albuquerque, second parent adoption laws allow non-biological parents to petition for adoption. Kuffer’s unique experience with second parent adoption laws and LGBT issues help clients understand the process, which includes:
• Court petitions
• Understanding the home study process;
• Processing of court paperwork

About The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer

Dorene A. Kuffer is the senior and principal attorney of the family law practice in New Mexico and Illinois. The divorce attorney earned her advanced law degree in Child and Family Law from Loyola University, Chicago School of Law. She also served as an adjunct professor at the same university, teaching family law to graduate level students.

The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer takes pride in their collaborative approach to family law. The law firm has litigated hundreds of cases before juries and courts.

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