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Nowadays, divorce case rates are increasing in huge number. If you need to get a legal divorce, then an experienced divorce lawyer’s help is very essential to assist in various legal issues. In Pasadena area, Chang Mattern, LLP is the most prominent law firm. They will give you the best guidance in a divorce case in each and every aspect. Usually, divorce process consists of many formalities such as alimony, child custody, property separation, spousal support, etc. Divorce lawyers of the Chang Mattern Law office have many years of experience in handling all these issues and gives the complete satisfaction to the clients. They will provide the most efficient attorney services for the following types of divorce cases.

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Summary Dissolution

Uncontested Divorce

This type of divorce is the best option, when both of you and your partner are ready to accept all the legal process mutually. Chang Mattern, LLP lawyers will give you the assistance to get a quick divorce. Once they take the responsibility to handle your divorce case, they will take care of all the legal formalities from filling the case to end result.

Contested Divorce

If you do not agree with the decisions of your spouse on legal settlements and other issues, it is coming under contested divorce case. The divorce attorney of Chang Mattern, LLP will give you the best consultation and suggestion on taking better decisions. They also teach you how to behave in the court hearing to achieve the expected results.

Summary Dissolution

Summary Dissolution is applicable, when the period of a couple marriage lives is less than 5 years and they do not have children yet. It is the simple process, which only cost very less including attorney fee. Chang Mattern, LLP attorneys will take care of all the legal process and you need not to be appearing for  a court hearing.

About Chang Mattern, LLP

Chang Mattern, LLP is the well known law firm, who has 20 years of experience in offering the best attorney service for divorce cases. The divorce attorneys of this firm will understand all the emotional issues faced by the clients. They are skilled to handle any kind of situation and end the divorce case in a peaceful way. They provide free initial consultation, in which they explain about the possible difficulties and available solutions of your divorce case. For more information about us, visit


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