Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling – The best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Oregon

Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling is an established Kitchen remodeling and renovation company in Beaverton, Oregon. They are one of the topmost companies in the Portland Metro area. Their employees are highly skilled in this field with over 100 years of combined experience. Their experience guides them to become the skilled designers and installers in remodeling. Their complementary in-house interior design services remodel your kitchen to get royal look.


Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling Company is the best company with extraordinary designs in remodeling. A separate team is maintained in their company for the development of innovative kitchen remodeling design. They are the one and only company to gather design ideas from clients and make remodeling according to your requirements. Each and every remodeling implementation is made only by after getting the approval from the client.

Work Efficiency

Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling Company have employees with immense gratitude and hard work capabilities. They use design hardware and plumbing fixtures to set off the room. All kinds of works such as remodeling cabinets, quartz or granite countertops, flooring and backsplashes are made in an efficient way. The post completion date of the project will be intimated to the client in the initial stage itself according to the client requirement. Completing the project on the client expected time is an added advantage to the Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling Company.

Client Friendly

The ultimate principle in Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling Company is user satisfaction. Their efficient work and effective modeling approach acquires many clients. All the employees in Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling Company are helpful in nature as they even undergo removal of old items from the house. A proper schedule will be maintained by the company in order to give proper intimation to the client.  According to the client need, the company will even look after to reduce project completion time.


Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling company use only branded products for their remodeling works in order to preserve your safety. They use Lyn Design, Vanities and mirrors for Hardware Resources, Jeffrey Alexander for handles and knobs.

About Carey Custom Floors & Remodeling

Carey Custom Floors and Remodeling is one of the most reliable remodeling companies in Oregon. Their efficient and qualified work made them one of the leading expertise in the remodeling area. For more details about their services, visit


3615 SW Hall Blvd

Beaverton, OR 97005

Ph: 503-644-9663

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