Course evaluation system is vital to student achievement of learning outcomes

It is time for higher education leaders to go “all-in” on their digital transitions and realize their true end-points. Digital disruption in higher education is helping leaders in taking critical decisions.

Educators are increasingly making a shift to digital assessments and evaluations to improve student achievement.  They have seen the end game and are planning for a new reality. Increasing use of technology, group pedagogy, and software are strongly related to student success, with attainment.

Course evaluation is clearly vital to the classroom ecosystem, and remain pivotal in learning and teaching. Digital evaluations has the power to turn attention on students, to improve engagement, increase response rates to guide administrators in the fullness of a digital experience.

Course evaluation software has been designed to facilitate student surveys and faculty evaluations. It can take away all the manual efforts and help create custom forms, set up question library, generate dashboards and reports. The system automates most useful functions such as creating course evaluation templates, create evaluation groups, set question difficulty levels and question types, and maintain course evaluation log.

Any institution needs to evaluate its courses and teaching performance. Paper-based evaluations involve much of institute’s time, resources and cost in compiling the results of surveys. Students couldn’t convey their thoughtful comments. Automated course evaluation is an alternate delivery mechanism that has the potential to improve course quality, increase cost savings, achieve course objectives and improve learning outcomes. It’s time for colleges and universities to take advantage of this shift and transform curriculum and courses in higher education.

Harnessing its over 11 years of experience serving various enterprise clients around the world, Creatrix Campus, a flagship product of Anubavam LLC, built an all-inclusive Course Evaluation software as part of its higher education ERP system.

Since Creatrix Campus is a cloud-based solution, it alleviates the burden of a costly infrastructure and cumbersome IT intervention, leaving the educational institution more time to focus on empowerment of students, faculty and staff. Though Creatrix Campus is ready-to-use, it is fully customizable and scalable for additional work on the EMS platform – it is truly a plug-&-play solution.

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About Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a flagship product of Anubavam LLC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with branches across South Africa, UAE and India. With their innovative approach to education, Creatrix Campus platform helps small, medium and large sized colleges and higher education institutions to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help plan, implement, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and ability to compete in today’s market.

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