Kidcia’s Latest RC Quadcopter Launched with Innovative Safety Features

China; 09, June 2017: All products available in the market have undergone an evolution and been modified into products that are more efficient and useful to the consumers. The Toys have also evolved to match the advancement in the fields of science and technology. Kidcia are a company based in China that handles all aspects of a product’s production process such as design, development, production and sales of the product.

Kidcia has recently developed a quadcopter drone with camera. It is operated by chargeable batteries that come with the product. They also come with a spare battery They are recommended to be used by children who are about 14 years and above of age. The drone is fixed with a 0.3 MP camera. The camera can also be reversed to shoot if needed.

These remote control drones can be used by connecting them to smart phones that work on either IOS or Aneroid software. The smart phone works as the remote control and is connected to the Wi-Fi that is inbuilt within the drone. The application of the system allows the drone to perform various functions. There is a single button used for takeoff and landing.

The RC quadcopter drone is a small drone. This is a toy that is in the form of a compact, portable and lightweight drone. These drones can be operated from a distance of 50 – 80 meters from the remote and can be controlled at a height of 20 – 30 meters. The range of video transmission for the drone also ranges between 20 – 30 meters. The drone has three modes of speed at 30%, 60% and 100%, which makes it wind proof.

Along with its other features the quadcopter drone camera is also designed to be user friendly. It can be functioned easily by the users. The blades used to build the drone are afoldable. Hence, they ensure that the product is safe for the users and there is no injury in case the drone happens to come into physical contact with anyone during its use.

The quadcopter drone camera is manufactured by the company Kidcia, which offers its products to customers across the world by making the products available for sale through online portals. All the products manufactured by the company such as the RC quadcopter camera drone are available on the official website of the company. The details and descriptions of the products are also available on the website. Customers can clarify their doubts by calling the company’s representatives.

About Kidcia

Kidcia’s most recent addition is the RC quadcopter drone camera. It can shoot some great quality videos and click some lively pictures from different angles at 20-30 meters of height. To know more about it please visit their official website.

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