Global Multiscreen TV and Video Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020 By P&S Market Research

The growing demand for flexible access to rich multimedia and entertainment experiences on consumer’s own time, schedule, and device, has increased the market penetration of the multiscreen TV and video market, in the past few years. The advanced and improved functionalities, such as, popular programming, play and pause functionality, highly interactive, and personalized service, along with  high picture quality of  multiscreen TV and video, offer superior entertainment experience over traditional television. The high speed data streaming still remains a critical factor, for the quality of service provided by the multiscreen TV service providers.

The rising penetration of internet services and advancement of data streaming capacity, over wireless network, has boosted up the global media and entertainment infrastructure. Moreover, the falling prices of internet services, and development of cloud services is laying new market opportunities for the multiscreen TV and video providers.

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The growing use of multiscreen TV and video has led to shift from traditional TVs to other multimedia devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other network enabled devices, which can connect to TVs. However, the speculation over net neutrality, limited allowable conglomerate between network owners and over the top (IPTV/OTT) TV providers, and stringent content licensing regulations, are the major regulatory roadblocks for the multiscreen TV and video market.

Based on the type of services, the global multiscreen TV and video market can be broadly segmented, as Direct TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and IPTV/OTT.

Cable TV was the largest market segment of multiscreen TV and Video market in 2014. It is also expected to be one of the dominant segments, over the forecast period. IPTV/OTT segment is expected to be the fastest growing market segment, during the forecast period, attributed to increasing mobility, and rising internet penetration in the developing countries of Asia Pacific region.

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The multiscreen TV and video market is facing stiff competition from traditional TV market, owing to convenience, and continuation in video streaming, along with cost benefits of the latter. The multiscreen TV and video providers need non-delayed streaming capabilities, superior price performance, and other advanced features, such as easy reclamation on-demand. From supplier perspective, the overall multiscreen TV solution must support all the requirements, such as editing, encryption, asset management, media steaming on a single supportable file, in order to maintain the large data volume, over a longer period of time.

North America was the largest multiscreen TV and video market in 2014, followed by Europe. The market dominance of the developed regions, can be attributed to the well spread wired and wireless communication infrastructure. Moreover, the busy life style and increased level of mobility in these regions, has also lifted the demand of small and portable media players, which in turn is driving  demand of the multiscreen TV and video market.

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