Greatness is not a destination: It is a generational Journey! Big Lawyers for the Little Guys!

Chosen Lawyers are wholeheartedly Ready, Willing and Able to Defend the People’s Rights and Obtain Justice on their behalves!

Today, once again steadfastly announced its opposition to Trump’s Dictatorial Decrees from Healthcare to Environment and Immigration.

Chosen Lawyers is a multilingual communications platform for Big Lawyers, who are committed to Fight for the Little Guys! Please do not take this statement out of context. To us (Big) means Highly Competent, Committed, Diligent and Compassionate. And (little) means people who cannot afford such Superb Lawyers’ Services: practically majority of the People!

Through its creative approach Chosen Lawyers has created a one-of-a-kind joint communication platform that makes the art and science of great lawyering affordable and readily available to everyone, including the Defenseless and the Voiceless.

In other words, we truly strive to make our generational America and the Rest of the World Great, by adhering to the Golden Rule of Human Intercourse: ‘Put yourself in your customer’s place.’

Chosen Lawyers provides a platform that enables people to find highly credible lawyers who specialize in all different areas of the law with the speed of need. Soon, thousands of highly trusted, competent and diligent lawyers will fill its panels. And together we will make the world a more Just World for the Human Race and the rest of beings.

Here at Chosen Lawyers, we believe Greatness is not a distinct destination, but an individual emotional and intellectual maturity to live and let live justly and peacefully. In other words, greatness is a generational journey and not a trickle down inheritance. We all have the ability to live great lives and help others do the same. That is because Compassionate Thoughts and Deeds are the ESSENCE of GREATNESS!

For more info about Chosen Lawyers please login to and become a FREE Member. We appreciate your patronage and support in our mission to make “Equality Under Law” and “Justice for All” quantifiable realities.

To find out more or to schedule an interview with Paymon Barati-Darmian, Attorney and Founder of, please call: 1-888-365-0-365 Ext. 3 or email:

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