Either Success or Failure Boils Down to Advertising – Role of Advertising in Marketing of Zhang Fangyu

Today, market competition turns to white-hot, when the service and products of enterprise enter the bottleneck period, good advertising is becoming more and more important in the face of the same consumer market. However, advertising is a double-edged sword. It is the angel of market, may also be the devil of market.

Good advertising makes marketing like a tiger with wings, doubles benefits. Bad advertising, as one advertising guru said, can make a product “die faster”. Advertising, as a kind of information transfer mode, is emerged with the exchange between commodities and commodities. In the information society, as an important means of modern marketing advertising makes people dazzled, too busy to attend to all: With turning on mobile phone, television or television, all kinds of advertisements coming along; open magazines, newspapers, advertising is everywhere. It can be said that advertising has been closely integrated with the life of the masses. They might give advertising a definition: Advertising is responsible information exchange activity, in the name of advertisers, in the pay form, convey certain information to certain objects through certain media, to achieve certain purposes.

Advertising is a Double-edged Sword- Correct Advertising

From the successful experience of Nice They can clearly see that the advertisement plays an important role, but it also has its own insurmountable defects. How can They maximize its role is that enterprise should pay attention to when advertising.

Let advertising be used during the marketing of new products, advertising is an essential tool for propaganda. The market awareness of new products is very low, and in order to stand out in the competition of similar products, it is necessary to carry out all-round propaganda. At this time, enterprise chooses to use advertising to take turns bombarding without exception. when launching Diaopai washing powder, Nice put a lot of nice advertising in the media, for a time, the slogan of “only choose the right, do not choose expensive” slogan resounded from North to South, well cooperated with low-priced strategy of Nice, quickly sized market, won a good start.

At the mature stage of product, the popularity of the product has reached a higher level, and the market competition is becoming white-hot. At this time, the purpose of advertising is to maintain the customer’s attention to product, so that consumers can think of these products; at the same time, can use advertising to separate the product of the enterprise from the competitor’s product in this period, and form the brand preference.

“Sports Chapter” and “Pupil Chapter” advertising of Diaopai washing powder played an important role in maintaining high popularity the product.

In the aspect of enterprise image building, consumers first know the enterprise through advertising. Through careful design of advertising, achieve the unity of advertising and enterprise culture appeal and enterprise values, which can set up the image of enterprise in the minds of consumers. The serial advertising of unified theme of Nice set up the enterprise image of “warm, a reliable friend” in the minds of consumers, laid the foundation for product sales and long-term management of enterprise.


Advertising is an important tool of modern marketing, and plays an important role in the market competition. But from the success or failure of many enterprises, it can be said that “Either success or failure boils down to the same person”, Zhang Fangyu thought, enterprise cannot be too cautious in the advertising operation; at the same time, They should realize that advertising is only one of the marketing methods of enterprise, what makes the enterprise invincible in the competition is the result of interaction of many factors, such as the management of the enterprise, R&D of the product, etc. Only fully realizing this can the advertisement play its due role.

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