Maintain a Healthy, Dazzling Smile with Dental Cleaning & Checkups by Smile Designs Dentistry

Smile Designs Dentistry encourages patients to maintain proper oral health through its Dental Cleaning and Checkup services. The practice’s dentists and hygienists provide dental examinations and cleaning services to help patients avoid disease and keep a healthy smile.

[Manteca, 06/13/2017] – Smile Designs Dentistry, a California-based dental practice, provides an array of dental services for the family’s optimal dental health. The services include cosmetic and general dentistry, oral surgery, and restorative care. They offer a comprehensive Cleaning and Checkup package to promote proper oral care.

Dental Examinations

During the initial visit, the dentist performs a comprehensive dental exam to determine oral problems that have to be addressed in subsequent visits. During this session, the dentist may create a series of check-ups or a treatment plan for the patient. The exams include:

  • Dental X-ray Diagnostics – This procedure is necessary as it detects any presence of decay, tumors, cysts, or bone loss. X-rays also gives the dentist an idea of the patient’s tooth and root positions.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – Dentists check for signs of oral cancer in the face, lips, tongue, neck, throat, tissues and gums.
  • Gum Disease Evaluation – Periodontal disease affects the gums, which may appear swollen or bleeding due to bacterial infection.
  • Tooth Decay Examination – All tooth surfaces will be probed for any decay or cavities using specialized dental instruments.

Dental Cleaning Services

Only registered dental hygienists are qualified to perform prophylaxis. Cleaning appointments include plaque removal, tartar removal, and teeth polishing. Plaque is a living bacteria colony that appears as a sticky formation on teeth, feeding on food scraps and producing toxins that inflame the gums or cause periodontal disease. Even at the earliest form of periodontal disease (gingivitis), the bacteria have to be removed immediately.

If the plaque is left unaddressed, it hardens into tartar and attaches firmly to tooth surfaces. Only special dental instruments can remove tartar. After removing plaque and tartar, dental hygienists polish teeth to remove any residual stains that may have lingered after brushing and scaling.

Dental checkups and cleaning are essential procedures for maintaining oral health and hygiene. Paying proper attention to dental health helps avoid complications that often lead to oral diseases. Smile Designs Dentistry’s professional services ensure healthy teeth and perfect smiles.

About Smile Designs Dentistry

Smile Designs Dentistry is a trusted provider of affordable and effective cosmetic and general dentistry services in Manteca, California. They take the time to understand patients’ needs and recommend only the best dentistry services to achieve a gorgeous smile and enhance overall oral health.

For information, inquiries, and appointments, clients may visit, call (209) 780-4777, or send an email to

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