Global Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023 By P&S Market Research

The increasing adoption of virtual learning courses and e-learning are boosting the growth of the global interactive whiteboard market. The demand for interactive whiteboards is increasing as various universities and schools are focusing upon imparting better learning experience to the students. Another important driver influencing the growth of the global IWB market is its cost saving functionality. The interactive technology of whiteboards demonstrates how a computer can provide learning stimuli for a whole classroom. They can be more cost effective than providing laptop to every student or equipping an entire IT room.

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An interactive whiteboard is a huge interactive display, which connects to a computer. IWBs were originally developed for use in business to record meetings and for demonstration of concepts. An interactive whiteboard allows display of computer images onto a board with the help of a digital projector. However, IWBs are not being used to their full potential in many environments, and act as glorified blackboards for use in classrooms and business prospects. They can be mounted on walls and can be controlled using a stylus, pen, any other device, or even a finger.

IWBs can be used innovatively and they offer a wide range of learning opportunities. The interactive whiteboard holds greater scope in the education sector. Education sector involves wide use of interactive whiteboards, as they enable teachers to use alternative modes for demonstration. Interactive whiteboards allow interactivity and integration of media content into lecture and support collaborative learning. They are also integrated with some of the useful tools to be used in the education sector, such as screen shade, magnifier, calculator, spotlight and pointer. Interactive whiteboards also make teaching easy by integrating quality materials with graphs and images from the internet. IWBs are rapidly evolving as one of the most successful and popular technologies in classrooms, since they allow operators to distribute or save documents over networks, print images, and write or draw on surfaces.

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North America dominated the global interactive whiteboard market in 2014. The Asia-Pacific interactive whiteboard market is expected to grow exponentially during the forecast period. E-learning initiatives in developing countries such as India, has led to a surge in the demand for these boards.  The emerging economies such as Japan and China are anticipated to provide future growth, owing to augmented demand for improved learning solutions. StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen (a hi-tech handy and mobile whiteboard pen) has been recently developed by Hitachi Ltd. StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen does not contain any battery or electronic components, and allows controlling all functions from the interface on the whiteboard.

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