Enjoy Higher Yields and Profits with Exapta Solution’s No-Till Seeding Technology

Exapta Solutions, a leading provider of no-till seeding technology, helps farmers achieve better yields and higher profits with high-performing drill and planter parts and a range of educational resources.

[Salina, 6/14/2017] – Exapta Solutions, a leader in no-till seeding technology, provides drill and planter parts that promote better seeding and successful harvests. Developed by leading agronomist Matt Hagny, the company helps many no-tillage farmers across the US, Canada, and Australia achieve higher, healthier yields and maximum profit.

High-performance Seeding, Maximum Yield

The higher yields begin at seeding. No-till fields are already rich with nutrients and are ready for planting, but inefficient equipment can lessen the chances of seeds developing uniformly. With the company’s range of high-performing, innovative drill and planter parts, helps create the ideal conditions for seedlings to grow.

These upgrades are designed to seamlessly integrate with your drill or planter and achieve better seeding. The UniForce system hydraulically adjusts depth for perfectly uniform pressure on all the openers. The line also features opener blades for drills that improve soil penetration and reduce hair-pinning. Here are some of the products they provide:


• Valion seed-tube guard
• Thompson Wheels for planters
• Keeton seed firmers for planters
• Mojo Wires for planters
• Toe-out Wedge
• Liquid tube holster

Drill Parts

• Ingersoll Blades
• UniForceTM hydraulic down-pressure system
• Mojo Wires for drills
• Ninja seed bounce flaps
• Intelligent Ag flow monitors
• Smallair & SeedVU (air drills)

Better Yields, Greater Profits

The setup and adjustment of drills and planters is one of the keys to succeeding in no-till farming. Therefore, Exapta Solutions is committed to its R&D and manufacturing efforts. The team prides itself on providing top-of-the-line equipment parts that promote better harvests to yield maximum profits.

Moreover, the company commits to helping tillage farmers transition to no-till farming by providing a wealth of educational materials and working knowledge. Their No-till Seeding Explained DVD allows farmers to understand the basics of no-till agriculture and how to set-up and adjust their seeders.

About Exapta Solutions

Exapta Solutions is the leader in no-till farming and seeding technology, helping hundreds of farmers and agronomists across the US, Canada, and Australia. Its range of planter and drill parts make no-till seeding much easier and more successful, promoting higher yields and profits. To help make the switch to no-till farming, the company also provides education materials and training.

To know more about the company, interested clients may visit its website at https://www.exapta.com/

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