Global Olive Oil Market: More Regions Showing Surge in Demand, observes TMR

Transparency Market Research speaks in detail regarding the factors of influence on the demand and supply of olive oil in the world, in “Olive Oil Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024.” Olive oil is one of the more popular types of oil in several end-user industries. The food and beverages industry is currently the dominant end user of olive oil, due to the large scale use of olive oil in cooking and in certain types of beverages. The nutritional value of olive oil is exceptionally high and these factors are gaining in traction among general consumer groups across the world.

The primary factor currently responsible for the growth of the global olive oil market is the increasing use of olive oil by common consumers as well as end users. While the primary application of olive oil in the food and beverages industry is not only increasing in quantity, but also in diversity, the exploration of different types of olive oils is also improving consumer choices and considerations.

Currently, extra virgin olive oil is finding a very high level of preference among consumers and end users, in comparison to the other type based segments of the global olive oil market: refined olive oil, olive pomace oil, virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, light olive oil, and extra light virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil scores very high in preference among consumers that are especially health conscious, due to the lower calorie count as all as the under 1% acidic content. The increasing use of extra virgin and virgin olive oils is currently a core reason for the proliferation of the global olive oil market.

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From a regional perspective, although olive oil demand had been strong in Europe and North America in the past, new research is showing a consistent and high rate of increase in the demand for olive oil from emerging economies from Latin America, the MEA, and Asia Pacific. Countries such as Australia and the U.S., meanwhile, are nearing standardization of olive oil, joining a common global movement for the increasing use of olive oil in food and beverages. The market for olive oil in North America looks especially bright for the coming years.

The leading players in the global olive oil market over the recent times, have included Salov, Borges, Ybarra, Deoleo, and Sovena Group. The leading players in the market are well-established in the regions that score high on olive oil consumption. A large number of the global leaders are also showing increasing interest in emerging economies and their release of new products in these regions.

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