Kent East Hill Nursery’s Extensive Inventory Makes Gardening a Breeze

Kent East Hill Nursery takes the stress out of gardening by providing every tool and product that’s essential to starting and maintaining a healthy garden.

[Kent, 6/15/2017] – Kent East Hill Nursery makes gardening a breeze for both hobbyists and professionals by offering an extensive inventory that features everything from gardening tools to seasonal plants and more. The company regularly updates their inventory with everything essential to gardening, so customers can focus on growing their garden and spending less time going from store to store.

Extensive Gardening Inventory

A green thumb isn’t everything when it comes to growing a garden. Apart from some plant knowledge and plenty of patience, it also pays to have all the essential tools at hand.

Kent East Hill Nursery eliminates the stressful process of jumping from one supplier to another to gather all the essentials for gardening. The company offers everything garden-related in their inventory to help hobbyists grow their garden and professionals focus on making their customers happy instead of wasting precious time on procurement.

The company’s inventory features basic gardening needs such as ceramic pots, bark, mulch, fertilizer, and bagged soil, among other products. They also offer fruit trees such as apples, plums, and cherries; ornamental plants like wisteria; and seasonal flowers like hydrangea and roses.

As the preferred partner for professional landscapers, they also offer a range of landscaping supplies.

Quality Products, Competitive Prices

Apart from providing customers with hassle-free access to a full range of gardening and landscaping materials, they also help them save by offering their products at wholesale prices and offer their expertise to anyone who asks regardless if you are buying from them or not. First-time customers may take advantage of a 10% discount on their purchase worth $25 or more.

About Kent East Hill Nursery

Kent East Hill Nursery has been the partner of choice for both hobbyists and landscaping professionals for decades, thanks to their comprehensive inventory of quality supplies sold at wholesale prices. They offer everything from clay pots and hanging baskets to ornamental plants, fruit trees, seasonal flowers, and more.

To learn more about the company or for help in finding a product your project requires, please visit

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