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Air Conditioning has a wide market in the modern day life, as it is applied everywhere, starting from our houses to our offices to our areas of refreshment and recreation including in the car that transport us in between these places. Such an important piece of technology has several delicate parts and need to be installed properly by qualified and experienced mechanics. Such service is provided in the highest quality for quite some time by AC Installation Service Delhi.

As with every gadget at the disposal of mankind, there are several factors which must be kept in mind while being installed. Air Conditioning Units are also no exception. These installation guidelines must be known and experienced for any engineer to install your unit. This can be verified by the screening through the track record of the engineer. Other aspects involve the cost of the unit which must always run at par with the budget dedicated for the system involving the energy and maintenance bills. Equipment factors such as size of the unit and its associated ductwork must also checked. This allows an efficient and profitable nvestment as faulty ductwork will lead to loss of efficiency of the unit. Selection of the size of unit required for the cooling a articular area is dependent upon the square footage of the area. Improper selection will lead to the air conditioner overworking, which will decrease its lifespan, or a costly investment in excessively large AC unit for a small area. Air Conditioners must be selected as per their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) which will give higher efficiency with higher ratings.

Such high efficiency might be initially costly but will give a lot of benefits in the long run. A particularly experienced engineer will suggest you to install the outdoor unit of your Air Conditioner in shady place where direct sunlight or any heat source will not be present. These might overheat the outdoor unit causing costly damages. The airflow must be unrestricted to get the maximum efficiency. In case of mounting the outdoor unit at a height requires that the wall to bear the entire load of the outdoor unit. For such the mounting plates need to rooted tightly into the walls to capably bear the load.

Such important factors will be brought up to you by an experienced and qualified engineer. We pride in providing such quality installation services around the Delhi area. We are a family owned business and stick to the philosophy that every customer is like our family member. This philosophy has guided us to give you top notch service and carve a distinct reputation for our name. Our engineers are North American Technical Excellence (NATE) accredited. In addition to this, our engineers undergo extensive training regimens at HVAC manufacturing factories so as to keep themselves acquainted with the recent trends in the HVAC evelopment. Such information is supplied to you during pre-installation while purchasing the unit. Our technicians are extremely helpful and courteous, bearing with ever customer and his unique problem, in the most helpful and informative way as possible

These points are enough to explain to you that we Samsung AC Installation Service provide standard installation service for the ever-needing air conditioner unit. If you are still not satisfied, our testimonial at our website with discus with you our various glories and laurels.


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