The best way to Pick A Chinese Wedding Invitation

For brides and grooms that are going to host a Chinese themed wedding, they may need to have to search for a wedding card in Chinese style. Nevertheless, most couples usually do not understand how they could choose it. Actually, there are actually some popular elements you are able to identified from Chinese style wedding cards. You could look for these characteristics if you are producing your decision. Find the most popular and classic chinese traditional wedding dress


Once you opt for the invitation, you might contemplate the colour of it. Normally, you may attempt to make it match your wedding themed colour. In relation to a Chinese event, colors for instance red and gold are extensively applied. As a result, you are going to appear for styles in either red or gold color. As a matter of truth, it is really common for couples to decide on a design which combines both red and gold colors. One example is, you are able to choose a card in red color, with gold colour wordings on it. Buy qipao dresses online shop with high quality and best service.

Style Components

It is popular to determine floral patterns on wedding cards. However, the case is distinctive in terms of a Chinese style. In place of floral patterns, you might largely see dragon and phoenix. Most Chinese couples think dragon and phoenix signify the bride along with the groom. It truly is widespread to see gold colour dragon and phoenix on a piece of red card. Apart from, the Chinese character “Double Happiness” can also be typically observed on Chinese invitations. In fact, this character will also be extensively made use of for the venue decorations. You could use the dragon and phoenix patterns, at the same time as the “Double Happiness” character, to decorate your reception hall.


A bilingual card is normally necessary. Lots of brides and grooms may have to put each English and Chinese on the invitation. You may actually pick what ever font you need. The bottom line is the fact that they really should be readable. Consequently, it is not a fantastic concept to pick a script font. It is simply because your guests might uncover it hard to study the wording. The colour on the font must be mentioned here. It really is deemed impolite to make use of red color wording. Hence, it is best to not choose red color font for a Chinese wedding invitation.

Chinese Wedding Invitation Wording

Many brides and grooms do not understand how they could prepare the wording. Actually, you need to ask the printer to help you. Picking out a vendor who can master the Chinese language may be the crucial here. Even so, there are actually couples who employ printers that usually do not fully grasp Chinese at all. The couples must prepare the wording themselves. In this case, you’ll need to ask your family members members who can study and create Chinese to help you. You’ll find also plenty of samples you may discover on the internet.

Selecting a Chinese wedding invitation is not a tough task. Obviously it will likely be a lot easier for those who order the cards from a printer which specialized within this sort of invitations. If this is not the case, you may have to have to prepare your very own design and style and let the printer print for you!

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