Manure Is Still A Valuable Tool For Farmer’s Who Need Fertilizer

Farmers with manure spreaders may wonder if this piece of equipment is worth their time and money. However, a recent report by Dr. Daniel Andersen has found that manure is an incredibly useful type of fertilizer, one that should not be neglected. While most farmers probably know that manure helps their crops, Dr. Andersen broke down its cost on a dollar value.

According to his estimates, there is about $24 worth of nutrients in about 1,000 gallons of dairy manure. While this might not seem like much, think of how much manure an average dairy farm produces every day. Generally, 100-200 cows will easily produce well over 1,000 gallons every day. For a farmer who is raising cows and producing crops, that’s basically easy money.

Converting that manure into a useful fertilizer is as easy as loading the manure spreader and applying this fecal matter directly to fields. However, manure injection systems may be more useful here, as they avoid common problems associated with manure spreading, such as ammonia and nitrogen leaching. It also keeps manure from ending up in water systems, a common problem that farmers must work to avoid.

While Dr. Andersen’s news might cause you to go looking for manure spreaders for sale near you, it is important to understand that manure spreading must be handled properly. Dr. Anderson stated that there is a “right time” and a “right way” to spread manure. Typically, it is best to spread it after the spring thaw, to avoid heavy runoff into rivers. He also stated that injection decreases nitrogen loss and runoff from 25 percent to just one percent.

So if you are interested in manure spreading for your farm, make sure that you follow the guidelines put in place by Dr. Andersen and others like him. This will protect your farm from losing vital soil nutrients or causing pollution.

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