Most Important CRM Reports

CRM reporting provides useful insights about the way the company is progressing. The reporting tool helps to identify bottlenecks in your business processes, thereby enabling you to take the right steps to unblock them and improve efficiency. No wonder using this tool plays a crucial role in increasing business growth and revenue.

Following are the 3 main reports that you can create in your CRM software: 

Pipeline Sales Reports

These reports provide vital information about the active opportunities that are present in your pipeline. This will help you to track and concentrate on opportunities that are likely to get converted. Using these reports in your pipeline, you can get to know which lead are qualified, unqualified and which have been converted into opportunities.

Profitability Reports

These reports that you can generate in your CRM system for small business and large organization, will help you to identify customers who are generating the most revenue for your business. As you know, 80% of profits come from 20% of the customers. With these reports you get to know these 20% of customers that are the major sources of revenue. These reports are generated by analyzing the customer’s purchase history and buying pattern.

The reports make you aware of clients who are frequently purchasing or buying in large amounts, thereby giving a clear idea about your loyal customer base. So now you can focus on customers that matter most and accordingly device marketing strategies for your target audience so that they do not move to your competitors.

Sales Conversion Reports

These reports give an idea about how successful you have been in closing deals. These reports highlight in percentage the leads that are turned into business. You get a clear idea about your lead conversion rate. You will get reports for each channel that is being used for lead generation. This will help you to identify which lead sources are working and giving the expected results.

Forecast Sales Reports

Forecast reports help you to accurately predict your sales performance in the near future. You are able to project your future revenue correctly, using these reports, provided you are confident about your pipeline. Accurate revenue forecasting will help you take important decisions related to business expansions.


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