Superstar Dev is Now the Latest Brand Ambassador of TopTech TMT Bars

Great news from TopTech! Superstar Dev has become the brand ambassador of TopTech TMT bars! The company has chosen a unique way of spreading its name and trait mark far and wide.

TopTech Featuring Dev as Its Brand Ambassador for TMT Bars

What makes TopTech the “Best” in TMT bars? Listen it from the mouth of Superstar Dev! The company spreads awareness about TMT bars holding the hands of this Superstar and the craze of the generation – DEV.  TopTech is a pioneer manufacturer of TMT steel bars across Eastern India – in Bengal and Tripura. Currently, it has chosen one of the biggest stars of Tollywood, Dev, as its brand ambassador.

The Company and the Personality shares many things in common…

Dev is a very popular name these days just like the company itself. The hero has contributed numerous hit films to the industry and has created a distinguished career. Similarly, the company, TopTech has also made great achievements in the production of TMT steel bars. This Tollywood star is an ideal choice for a company which shares the same trait mark as the personality. Also, this Superstar shares virtues which match with product offerings of TopTech.

TMT bars from TopTech have the quality of being adaptable, strong, bold and dependable just like the Superhero. It is expected that the association of the GREAT hero, Dev, with this leading TMT bar manufacturer will travel a long way and establish their brand name and identity not only in Eastern India but also beyond.

Dev is a multi-faceted, trustworthy contemporary star in the film industry. He has worn many hats and has successfully surpassed the expectations of many directors. Similarly, TopTech TMT steel bars are also trustworthy and have high degree of bendability, corrosion resistance, tolerance and earthquake proof.

Dev’s contribution to the film industry shows his courage to experiment with roles. He is one of those actors who are ready to take up challenges. On the other hand, TopTech too has experimented with its products and taken up several challenges to make its product stand the test of time.

So, Dev is the IDEAL choice for TopTech…

About TopTech

TopTech is one of the premium bar manufacturers in Tripura and Bengal. It used advanced Tempcore manufacturing process for producing steel bars of great strength, boldness and dependability.

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