3 Reasons Why Quotation Software is Better than Spreadsheets

Error Free Calculations

Yes, Excel spreadsheets do help in making complex calculations but one cannot forget that use of spreadsheets require significant manual intervention. Even a minor error in one cell can have a cascading effect and spell disaster. Also, as complexities in quoting increase, it can be difficult to handle the quoting process using spreadsheets.

A better and a popular alternative is to use an Online quoting system. The tool simplifies your quoting process by automating your calculation work. No matter how complex your quote is, calculations are automatically handled by the tool. The taxes, freight charges and discounts; every aspect of quote is considered while calculating the total sum.

Price Changes are Correctly Reflected

You might be using spreadsheets for recording product pricing coming from various suppliers. Any changes in pricing will have to be manually updated, which is again fraught with errors. Moreover, you will have to access the supplier’s official website or call him on a regular basis to get updated pricing information.

An Online quoting tool will allow you to better manage pricing changes, irrespective of how frequently they change. When you are using this tool, all the product related information coming from different suppliers is structured and then stored in one catalog. This catalog is directly integrated with your quoting tool, hence you have direct access to product information while quote creation. Moreover, this catalog gets updated automatically on a daily basis. So any changes in product pricing or availability are reflected in the catalog.

Send Quotes Quickly

Having an Online quotation software means you don’t have to be necessarily in the office for quote creation. It allows you to access product information directly via the Internet. It gives you the flexibility of creating and sending quotes from anywhere, from any device as long you have access to the Internet. This certainly helps in speeding up the quoting process.

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