Why B2B Buyers are in Favor of PunchOut Catalog

Vendors who feel that they are not able to attract big customers should change their business strategy by providing PunchOut technology for their B2B buyers. PunchOut, as you know, is a protocol/functionality that directly connects the buyer’s procurement system with the vendor’s site. Large buyers find it convenient to do business with vendors who offer this technology, a service that is provided by SAP, Oracle and Coupa.

Irrespective of whether vendors offer SAP PunchOut or Coupa PunchOut, the B2B buyer will enjoy the following benefits:

Customized Content 

Through this functionality, B2B buyers are able to access their own products with custom pricing. So the buyer can view only those products that have been discussed in the contract agreement. One can say that the catalog content in PunchOut is customized as per the buyer’s requirements.

Create Orders Quickly 

B2B buyers using PunchOut catalog hardly takes any time to create orders. This is possible because they don’t have to browse through thousands of products in order to access their pre-negotiated catalog products. Moreover, the order accuracy is guaranteed as it will never contain non-contractual products. This is one of the biggest advantages of using this functionality. The user does not have to waste time by going through products that he is not allowed to purchase.

User-Friendly Shopping Experience 

The contract catalog is designed keeping the buyer’s specification in mind. The ‘look and feel’ of the catalog is unique and differs from one buyer to another. All the product categories/sub-categories present in the catalog are buyer-specific. No wonder, this functionality is said to give a personalized shopping experience for its users.

Easy Checkout Process 

When B2B buyers are using any service provider, be it Oracle procurement PunchOut or any other, they don’t have to follow the usual checkout process which is not compliant with their approval process. For instance, product approval from higher authority is a pre-requisite for order confirmation. So after the buyer purchases the products and discontinues the PunchOut connection, the cart returns to the procurement system from where it goes through a specific approval route. So when the final approval is issued, the order is automatically generated and sent to the vendor.

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