HetNet Ecosystem (Small Cells, Carrier Wi-Fi, C-RAN & DAS) Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2030 : Report Bazzar

Total investments on small cells, C-RAN, DAS and carrier Wi-Fi would worth more than USD 15 billion by 2017 and is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 18% from 2017 to 2020. Growing demand for in-building wireless coverage and huge influx of mobile data traffic has driven the growth for the overall market.

Nowadays, conventional macrocells alone are no longer deemed sufficient to handle the wireless subscribers. Enhancement of macro cells with more spectrum, increased order of diversity on the receiver, advanced antennae and baseband building capacity within and between the nodes is expected to lure the market growth in future years.

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The evolution of technologies such as HSPA and LTE will drive the macro network efficiency through features such as  higher-order modulation, higher sectorization, and multi-carrier and multi-antenna solutions, as well as spectrum refarming, using hybrid radio solutions .Such factors have aided the global market in recent past and is expected to continue the same trend over the forecast period. Moreover, the adoption of millimeter and centimeter wave spectrum for supporting the data rates in 5G networks requires the usage of smaller cell sizes.

Adding further to the heterogeneity is the shifting trends towards C-RAN architecture which centralizes the baseband functionality to be shared across large number of distributed radio nodes. Compared to standalone base stations clusters, C-RAN provides significant economic benefits and performance owing to factors such as enhanced coordination between cells, baseband pooling, network extensibility, virtualization and energy efficiency.

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Heterogeneous networks plays an important role to create an optimum customer experience, especially in crowded areas. Higher demand by consumers to watch streaming videos and for uploading pictures will ultimately make high demands on mobile networks. This essentially means that more devices would be connected and this in turn would drive the demand for HetNet ecosystem.

The HetNet market is facing a paradigm shift with multiple advancements ranging from small cell virtualization to shared spectrum. Subscribers are also offering LTE technology in a cost-effective manner to their customers.

Some of the companies that are involved in HetNet ecosystem market are 3rd Generation Partnership project, ABB, Accedian Networks, Accelleran, Ace Technologies, Accuver, ADLINK Technology, Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation amongst others.

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