The People’s Platform for Law and Justice, regardless of their Race, National Social Status!

Chosen Lawyers is a one-of-a-kind multilingual communications platform. The company is committed to bring a multitude of Highly Competent, Credible and Compassionate {Chosen} Lawyers under one virtual roof. So that nobody shall suffer the loss of life, liberty or property without due process of law and effective assistance of counsel.

Chosen Lawyers is a high-end multilingual communication platform designed and developed with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between the end clients and professional lawyers who possess the right set of skills and personal commitment to pursue any kind of legal matter promptly and properly.

Chosen Lawyers has creatively divided each jurisdiction based on zip codes and area of practice. Once a lawyer is Chosen, he or she will be assigned a Highly Secured, Private and Confidential Communication Portal, so they can directly communicate with their clients live, anywhere, anytime, when the needs arise.

Here at Chosen Lawyers we believe in the provision of justice for every human being residing on the face of the planet. Thus we are committed to making sure that no person will suffer from the unavailability of what they deserved just because they could not find a competent and capable legal representation.

However, the greatest and most sophisticated Communication Platforms, without participation of people is meaningless. This is why, we are asking you to become FREE members by clicking on and filling out this simple form:

By becoming a FREE member, you give us the much needed support of knowing that you care. In return, if you face any legal challenge, you can obtain access to Chosen Lawyers right away.

As a Lawyer and Founder of Chosen Lawyers, I believe, it is high time for all of us to stand together for Justice, if we want Justice to stand for us.  Together, we can make Justice for all a quantifiable reality. Together we can do better!

To find out more or to schedule an interview with Paymon Barati-Darmian, Attorney and Founder of, please call: 1-888-365-0-365.

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