How To Write a Research Paper?

Chose a topic:

Before writing a research paper it is essential and important for you to be clear about your topic. You need to choose a topic which can evoke your interest and challenges you. Your topic should be soothing about which you should be enthusiastic and determined to do all sorts of research about it. Make sure you get your topic approved by your mentor before you start writing on it. Try to focus a limited aspect so that you can easily elaborate your points and facts. Always chose a topic or subject which you can manage and which can contribute to building your career path. The topic should be of your interest; something on which you always wanted to write. Try to avoid those topics which are too technical to handle because it can deviate you from involving your own hypothesis. Also, avoid topics that have a very narrow range of source materials.

Help from the internet:
Try to check useful URL’s for general or background information in order to get better facts and information’s related to your topic. You can also check encyclopedias online such as Britannica for best results. Be selective in choosing websites for your research paper because it is not necessary that every information given on every website will be relevant to you. So be careful in choosing right information from right links. There are various print materials available in the form of pdf’s on the internet such as:

• Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
• Government Publications, Guides, Reports
• Magazines, Newspaper

There are other web-based information services or special source materials which can be helpful for writing your research paper such as online reference materials including E-library, Pro Quest, Online Newspapers and various other resources. These resources can be helpful in writing your research paper.

State your thesis:
Try to be to the point while explaining your topic. Do some critical thinking and write your thesis statement in one sentence that too in a first or second paragraph. This will give a clear picture of your topic. There are various writing services which offer students to write their own research paper so that they can get a clear picture regarding their topic.


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