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The upkeep of your plant depends a lot on the pot you choose, basically anything that can hold soil can be deemed as a flowerpot, however developing a taste for something which is different, affordable and are ideally suited for the plants physiological needs go a long way in influencing the look of the plant.

Most gardeners are opined about the kind of pot they choose but of late clay pots are turning out to be the favourtite of many for their unique qualities. They are economical and suit any budget. Most importantly with time instead of weathering or losing out on the structure and look they tend to get more beautiful by absorbing minerals from the soil. For the budget savvy gardeners reused clay pots provides a rustic feel and are very different from the synthetic materials.

The Terracotta pots offered in My Bageecha are moderately weighed and are easy to carry, clay pots are heavier than plastic and are known for it being less cumbersome than stone planters. The micro gardening environment produced by them regulates the soil temperature avoiding extremes or dip in temperature with the help of the thick porous material. It also helps in transferring heat through water vapour providing an amiable environment for your plant.

Aeration is significant for plant growth, roots need oxygen for the soil to function and too much water is hazardous for plant growth. Unglazed clay pots have the ability of losing and absorbing moisture through their walls, planting requires wetter conditions, terracotta customizes the permeability of the pot and makes the container more breathable.

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