Liberte Karate Is Now Offering Karate Lessons for Kids at the Lowest Rates Possible


Liberte Karate is an Australian karate school that offers a range of karate training programs for kids belonging to different age groups. The school has managed to make news by offering good quality karate related services at exceptionally low rates that may start from $49.95. A two-week training program is offered along with a karate kit in exchange for this amount of money.


Liberte Karate is a reputed Australian karate school that offers teaching services to kids belonging to different age groups. There are very few karate schools in the area where Liberte Karate school is located, but it is still considered to be one of the best karate schools in the entire country. The training is provided by highly qualified, well trained and government accredited coaches who ensure that a trainee gets to learn all the things associated to the authentic Japanese game of karate. The school has managed to attract everyone’s attention by offering karate lessons for kids in exchange for the minimum amount of fees possible.

Liberte Karate currently offers three different packages for kids belonging to different age groups. The first one is called the Young Samurais and is designed for the kids between 5 and 8 years of age. The second category is named as the Pre-teen Squad and has been developed to teach the basic karate skills to kids between the ages of 8 and 13 years. The ultimate karate learning category has been created for teenagers aged more than 13 years and is known as Elite Teens. The very basic learning package in this regard starts off at a low rate of $49.95. This includes 2 weeks of karate training along with a karate uniform. If the market value for such a package has been evaluated, it will equal something around $125, and that is how Liberte Karate is making a name for itself by offering the training services at incredibly low rates.

Liberte Karate is currently located at two different places in Australia, which are Caroline Springs and Hill side. There are different time tables that are created to house the trainees belonging to different age groups who are enrolled in different training programs. Keeping in view the low rates offered by the school, it seems that they are doing their best to make learning Karate affordable for all.

The school claims to instill three traits into the mind of a trainee kid. These include self-defense, confidence and discipline. As a matter of fact, all three of these traits are pretty important for a kid to have a good personality. So considering the fact that the school has been offering karate training along with helping kids develop these three traits, the overall deal appears to be more than good. So there is a good chance that the $49.95 deal might get revoked soon as they may be just testing the waters with this kind of offer.

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