Exotic Bets

The sweetheart teaser is a simple modified version of the regular good old fashioned teaser. What happens is the more teams you bet the more points you can tease the games and still win a good amount of money. Different sites have different definitions of how many games equals a sweetheart, but on Betus.com it’s a 3 or 4 team bet (which is pretty standard, but I have seen other size bets) where a 10 point tease on a 3 team bet will pay you as much as a 9 point tease on a 3 team bet. Weird right? Yes, yes it is, so if you are going to pick a 3 team teaser and do the 9 point tease, make it a 10 point sweetheart and you make as much money!

Why would the sports books ever allow such a thing? To get you to bet on more than 2 games. The more games you bet on, the harder it is going to be to get it right. As stupid as that sounds, you shouldn’t ever forget that. Remember the lines in the sports books aren’t what they think is going to happen, they are to draw roughly equal wagering on both sides so they make a little over 9% on all money bet. Sweetheart teasers, like the regular teaser, are very hard to say no to, but if your goal is to make money you should always focus on betting a few games as possible and only on the ones you feel sure about.

On the subject of moron Exotic bets let’s talk about the Pleaser. Here is what the pleaser is, instead of getting points towards your team, like you would on the teaser, you are giving points away to the other side for a much larger payout. It’s dumb, and I’m not really that excited to talk about it. I don’t suggest EVER doing it:

It goes like this, you give up 3, 6, 6.5 or 7 points from your spread, So pretend you picked Buffalo at -3 AND NIU at +8 and decided to give away 6.0 points, the lines just moved to:

Buffalo – 9.0

NIU +2

And your pay out would be something like 6/1, so you’d make $120 on a $20. They don’t make the payouts that big because it’s easy to win.
And those are the exotic bets you could make when betting on college football. There are some others out there, but they are a little more rare than the ones I talked about above, and I don’t suggest betting those if you never have before.
Check in on Monday for my Picks, and the computers sim, for week 1 of the college football season!

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