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Global Wireless Charging ICs Market: Technological Advancements to Reflect Positively on Market’s Progress

Global Wireless Charging ICs Market: Snapshot

The global market for wireless charging ICs is heavily influenced by the escalating demand for consumer electronics, such as tablets, smartphones, and smart watches, across the world. The compact designing and miniaturization of these IC packages for their effective integration into various portable consumer electronics is likely to add significantly to their uptake, reflecting positively on this market in the near future. The market, however, may be hampered by manufacturing standardization to some extent over the forthcoming years.

Business Organizations Segment in Web Content Filtering Solutions Market will Rise at 10.3% CAGR due to Data Security and Liability Issues

Web Content Filtering Market: Snapshot

Although web content filtering software and solutions initially started off as a niche product, these have become essential tools for organizations and firms introducing web usage policies. Growing need to protect corporate network from security breaches has led to a surge in demand for web content filtering. Higher awareness regarding the need to control the Internet-related security issues have compelled firms to adopt content-filtering solutions on a broader scale. Developers are trying to device solutions that work as firewalls, anti-viruses, and intrusion prevention systems besides serving the web content filtering functions. One of the primary trends in the web content filtering industry is the strategy of aggressive acquisitions, which helps them to strengthen their product offerings and gain market share.

Global Software Defined Perimeter Market: Escalating Demand for Robust Security Solutions for Enterprise Applications Boosts Growth

Global Software Defined Perimeter Market: Snapshot

The software defined perimeter (SDP) model is gaining significant momentum across the security community. A software defined perimeter outdoes the flaws of traditional tools by creating a dynamic, customized perimeter for each user. A SDP framework ensures that all endpoints that are attempting to access an infrastructure are authenticated and authorized prior to receiving access to any resources on the network.

SDP model creates an invisible screen in the system to protect against cyber-attacks, malicious software, and other threats. This framework enables organizations to provide a secure access to network based applications, services, and systems globally. Originated from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) model, SDP allows network access and links on need basis only to trusted devices and users.

Narrowband Internet-of-Things (IoT) Chipset Market: Guardband Mode of Deployment to Witness Strong Demand

Global Narrowband Internet-of-Things (IoT) Chipset Market: Snapshot

Narrowband IoT refers to a low power wide area network technology that has been developed to enable network connectivity between a wide variety of devices and services. Narrowband IoT connects devices in a simpler and more efficient manner in an already recognized mobile network. It handles small amount of fairly irregular 2-way transmission data in a more secure and reliable manner. The technology is being considered most suitable for communicating with devices that require small volumes of data over long periods of time, typical of devices connected in IoT networks.

Lithium-ion Battery Market: Application of Lithium-ion Batteries in Automotive Segment to Gain Momentum by 2024

Lithium-ion Battery Market: Snapshot

The lithium-ion battery market is expected to expand significantly during the forecast period, as these batteries offer advantages such as higher efficiency and longer lifespan vis-à-vis other batteries. Rapid growth in the consumer electronics industry and a rising shift toward sustainable clean fuels in the automotive sector are expected to drive the lithium-ion battery market in the coming years. The growing adoption of lithium-ion batteries in energy storage systems such as solar grids in household and industrial applications is anticipated to provide considerable growth opportunities to the market. However, the lack of awareness regarding the benefits of these batteries and the high cost compared to traditional lead acid batteries may hamper the growth of this market.

Global LED Video Walls Market: Players Focus on Research and Development to Catalyze Growth

Global Video Walls Market: Snapshot

LED video walls, which find application in advertisement displays, providing travel updates in airports, in indoor exhibitions or presentations, control rooms, etc., are seeing their demand soar due to the increase in marketing and promotional activities, live concerts, and sporting events. Another factor serving to boost the demand is the availability of a variety of LED video walls having various customized sizes and resolutions and technologies catering to different applications requiring sharp visual and lasting viewing experience. Besides, LED video walls are designed to withstand difficult outdoor conditions and provide high definition visuals – yet another benefit that has catalyzed their market growth.

Intelligent Transportation System Market: Adoption of ITS Fueled by Need to Tackle Traffic Issues

Intelligent Transportation System Market: Snapshot

Transportation service providers have been constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to boost productivity, increase financial benefits, and solve traffic issues across the globe. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have emerged as a way of integrating information and communication technologies with current transportation networks so as to improve their operating efficiency as well as passenger travel experience.

Technological Advancement to Drive Global Distribution Automation Market to US$17,677 Mn by 2019

Distribution automation (DA) is a solution that enables an electric utility to control, regulate and monitor its distribution network and assets. It ensures the effective and reliable flow of services from utility to consumers by optimizing the flow of electricity. DA systems facilitate effective monitoring and control of assets, identification and isolation of faults, restoration of services. It increases distribution system’s efficiency by energy and system loss saving, increases distribution system’s reliability by decreasing frequency and duration of power outages and also increases flexibility by enabling higher penetration of distributed energy resources.

General Anesthesia Drugs Market : Research Report Forecast 2017 – 2025

General anesthesia drugs are administered to a patient to bring state of reversible unconsciousness and unresponsiveness before and during surgery. General anesthesia drugs are administered intravenously and by inhalation of anesthetic gases using masks. Sometimes based on the condition, both the routes are used simultaneously to anesthetize the patient. The patient administered with these drugs lose consciousness and does not feel pain during and after surgery and wakes up with some short-term amnesia (short-term loss of memory). General anesthesia drugs are intended to bring about analgesia or pain relief, amnesia, reversible unconsciousness, motionlessness, and inhibition of autonomic nervous system such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, and sweating, and to perform easier and safer surgery.

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