Executive Branding and Social Media Expert Jasmine Sandler to be Keynote Speaker on Executive Branding at Influencer Marketing Days

Digital Marketing Expert Jasmine Sandler will be speaking at Influencer Marketing Days on September 25th at 11:40 am ET.  In this seminar, Jasmine will discuss how executives can establish themselves as social influencers, both inside and outside of their organizations.

Now is the time for executives to realize that being active on social media is not just for the marketing team, but rather something that they need to be actively involved.  Having an effective and visible Executive Social Brand is a crucial step in establishing themselves as industry influencers.  All executives should strive to be industry influencers, as this status opens countless doors for both the executive and the business they represent.  A strong social branding plan is the way to achieve this goal.  An unknown, unfamiliar brand is a road block to success for any drive executive.

Jasmine Sandler, CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing, global Keynote speaker on Social Branding and author, has a strong track record of helping executives establish and refine their brands.  Executives at J&J, Roche Diagnostics, and Mount Sinai have utilized her consulting services for executive branding and social media marketing.

On September 25th at 11:40 am ET Jasmine will be sharing her knowledge on this topic at an interactive workshop on what executives can do to become social influencers in their fields during the Influencer Marketing Days conference in NYC.  Leveraging social media in the right way is all it takes for an executive to separate him or herself from the rest of the pack and be thought of as an industry influencer and insider.

As a preview to what you can expect from attending Jasmine’s presentation, she will begin the seminar by explaining how an executive’s Social Brand has a direct impact on the internal advocacy of the people they lead. Jasmine will then go on to share how their brand can be used to inspire their target customer audience through visibility within their personal social channels.  She will use examples of her executive clients to show the benefits of successfully implementing an executive brand and becoming an industry influencer. Jasmine will detail these executive branding benefits including:

  • Driving company leads and sales
  • Receiving more press coverage
  • Promoting interactions among employees, stakeholders, and shareholders
  • Improving talent acquisition
  • Increasing online brand awareness

At the end of the presentation, executives will have the necessary tools for being truly influential in their fields/industries.  To learn more about Jasmine’s workshop and the other events taking place during Influencer Marketing Days, visit: http://influencermarketingdays.com/new-york/2017/agenda/#session43411.

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