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The Great Game London treasure hunts offers you the chance to find hidden treasure! Can you crack the codes, solve riddles and navigate your way to the hidden pub (the treasure)? If you are successful, you will be rewarded with 20% off your total food and drink bill!

You will find these new and innovative hunts popping up in cities across the country but the London treasure hunt consists of 4 exciting routes at two locations across London. Unlike the rest of the UK the London treasure hunts have a unique race feature; at each location (one in The City of London and one in Westminster) there are two routes of equal length and finishing at the same treasure. This means you can split into teams and race each other- absolutely perfect for a celebration or team building event, just make sure the winners buy the losing team a drink!

The London treasure hunt works like this; you are given a map with a clues sheet and compass. On the map is your starting location and from this you answer the clues in order. This will be a mixture of codes, riddles, puzzles, orienteering work and observing the environment surrounding you. As you progress there will be little snippets of information describing the buildings around you and some of the more unusual stories of London which you might not have heard of. Whilst you solve the clues you must also look out for the 5 pictures laid out in the Codebreaker section, each of these pictures has a letter or number hidden behind a white box, you must write this down when you find it as it is used to solve the location of the treasure at the end (don’t worry there is some indication of when to look for these pictures!). Once you have solved all the clues it will lead you to the last Codebreaker picture, once you have this you will be able to fill in the gaps and draw and X on the map. This is where the treasure is! (a great city pub) simply find your way to the pub and reward yourself with a 20% discount off your total food and drink bill.

As mentioned above the London treasure hunts have two exciting locations one in The City of London which explores the skyscrapers of the modern city and ancient walls of Roman Londinium and the other in Westminster taking you past the famous sights of Whitehall and the surrounding parks. Both are winding routes stepping on main thoroughfares and mysterious back alleys alike, even if you think you know the area well you are sure to come across something new or find out a hidden past of a much loved and well known city.

Think you are good enough to complete this London treasure hunt? Order your pack today at to find out, good luck! Whilst on the website check out the many other hunts the Great Game offers in cities across the UK.

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