Dr.Debraj Shome Conducts Trials To Evaluate Effectiveness Of Treatments Of Congenital Ptosis

Mumbai, June 2017 – Congential Ptosis also known as Blepharoptosis, has the unenviable reputation of turning beautiful people into individuals with undesirable appearance and restricted vision. A condition that involved the improper positioning of the upper eyelids, this condition that plagues individuals by birth has now found greater success with corrective procedures. The primary gaze of individuals is one where the eyelids remain open fully, and patients with this condition had their eyelids at various positions below primary point.


One of the most respected and renowned specialists in the occuloplastic surgery horizon, Dr.Debraj Shome have concluded a series of extensive trials to determine the best treatment for the condition. He said, “The aim of our tests was to compare surgical techniques and lay down benchmarks, based on conclusive results. 200 patients were split into two groups for the tests”


Unlike the testing parameters that people are generally aware of, this test was a comparison of surgical techniques that were documented for comparison. He continued, “prior to the actual testing, which of course, did not have any placebo effect to consider, we had to first match parameters and lay down stages for comparison”. Dr.Debraj Shome’s association with an earlier path-breaking discovery helped him to rely on the computational power of algorithms with visible results and patient feedback.


The team relied on Randomized Controlled Trial methodology to conduct the tests. The results have been compiled for review and would arm occuloplastic surgeons conducting blepharoplasty procedures with information on the best procedure for congenital ptosis. Expected to benefit patients globally, this study will join the pioneering and tireless efforts of Dr.Debraj and his team to push the frontiers of surgical intervention for blepharoplasty.


A beaming Dr.Debraj Shome had this to say “the results are conclusive, and we expect this to revolutionise treatment and regimen. Not only will the findings impact treatment as a whole, it will help determine the best procedures within a treatment. We are awaiting conclusion of formalities, before making an announcement”. Patients with lowered eyelids need not dread social situations anymore, as a better treatment is round the corner.


About Doctor:

Dr. Debraj Shome is a world-renowned oculoplastic surgeon. He is the founder of The Esthetic Clinic with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an internationally renowned dermatologist. This clinic is one of the best centres in the world for cosmetic surgery and skin care treatment. The clinic has treated patients from around the world for various skin conditions and performed restorative surgeries.


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