Implement School Administration System for Greater Control & Efficiency, Advises SBS Consulting Pte Ltd

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singaporean software company that has an online school administration system for the small and medium-sized schools. It also has HR & Payroll Software, Clinic Management Software, & CRM System that are well-supported by expert customer care service.

“An integrated school administration system that relies on a centralized database is a great help. It reduces the duplication of efforts & data redundancy,” commented SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

“A modern school needs to invest in business software Singapore like school management software to have greater control over all aspects of its functioning. The software not only automates the in-house processes of the school but it also eliminates the duplication of efforts,” said Ms. Meena, the Business Head of SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

The implementation of a web-based school management system gives a tremendous boost to the efficiency and productivity of an educational center. It primarily reduces the amount of manual work of the center’s staff. It positively affects day-to-day school tasks like attendance recording, class scheduling, student inquiry, tracking, student enrollment/ registration, etc.

School Administration Software

“The software enables schools in going online and putting their resources on the Internet within reach of the students and parents. It renders online forms and collects student details and the courses they want to know more about. The task is completely automated, whereas, in a traditional setup, the authorities need to assign an experienced human resource to take care of the task,” added Ms. Meena.

The system even simplifies the basic task of entering the data in the system. It stores the data in a centralized database and makes it available to the authorized users. The users of the same data do not have to re-enter it for their use. The school administration system uses security matrix to control the access and delivers data only on ‘need to know basis.’

“In a traditionally managed school, we are accustomed to a teacher entering a classroom and starting to take attendance. Let us face it; it wastes valuable teaching time. Though it is a non-core task from the teachers’ point-of-view, they have to perform it because it is essential from the administrative perspective,” elaborated Ms. Meena.
An online school management software handles it in the most automated way. It uses biometric finger scanners to record the attendance and the data collected is available as the live feed to the administrative staff. It is such an elegant solution and the data collected is impeccably reliable.

Like every business organization, the schools have to work hard for the positive bottom line. The administrators have to actively work on this issue. The system provides them with a well-written module for sending SMS and Email alerts about the fees status to the parents.

“Many schools have reported a marked increase in their cash flow and profit margins after the implementation of an integrated school management system. It sends automated fees alerts and saves a ton of work for the administrative staff. If they were to do it manually, they would need to call or write to each parent individually to accomplish the task. It is a very time-consuming and resource-intensive work,” continued Ms. Meena.

SBS Consulting’s school administration system successfully streamlines the following tasks.

  • Parent Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Integrated Teacher schedule
  • Resource Allocation Management
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Course Management
  • Class Scheduling & Rescheduling
  • Class Administration
  • Exam Management
  • Reports Cards
  • Seamless integration with accounting software (Quick Books, MYOB)
  • Fees Management
  • Finance Management
  • Bio-metric Attendance Using Finger Scanners
  • SMS & Email Reminder Management

“Today, if a school is operating without an innovative school management software, the chances are more that it is fighting a lost battle. The internet presence and qualified staff well-supported with the adoption of new IT solutions and technologies are a must for a school to maintain its competitive edge.

At SBS Consulting, we have a team of creative software developers that are ready to customize our proprietary school administration system. This is a better way of owning a software that can fulfill the special needs of your educational center than to develop it from scratch,” elaborated Ms. Meena.

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