The Regular Steering and Suspension Services of Pickering’s Auto Service Prevents Auto Failures

Vehicle owners can avoid sudden steering and suspension failures by taking advantage of the periodic steering and suspension services offered by Pickering’s Auto Service.

[Arvada, 06/28/2017] — Pickering’s Auto Service, a trusted auto repair service company in Colorado, provides periodic steering and suspension services. The company recommends regular inspection of the vehicle’s steering and suspension to avoid sudden steering and suspension failures, minimize costly repairs and prolong vehicle life.

Regular Steering and Suspension Services

The company has ASE-certified technicians that have the necessary training to maintain the vehicle’s steering and suspension. This ensures the safety and reliability of the customer’s vehicle.

The company’s technicians make sure that the vehicle’s systems are in the best possible working condition by:

– Looking for signs of damage or wear on all the springs, struts, and shocks
– Replacing missing, damaged, or worn suspension parts
– Aligning wheels
– Inspecting important components, such as ball joints, control arms, steering pump and gears, C.V. axles, and tie rods
– Flushing power steering components
– Checking for uneven or choppy tire wear

Warning Signs of Failing Steering and Suspension

Although Pickering’s Auto Service recommends annual inspection and maintenance to avoid costly repairs, the company encourages vehicle owners to have their vehicle checked as soon as possible if they experience any of these problems:

– Bumpy or shaky rides on smooth pavement
– Excessive noise when driving over bumps
– Loud banging or knocking noises from the undercarriage
– Exaggerated pulling, wandering or bouncing
– Low power steering fluid
– Reduced control on turns
– Uneven wearing on tires
– Loud whining originating from the power steering pump
– Collision or excessively forceful contact with potholes and curbs

About Pickering’s Auto Service

Pickering’s Auto Service provides exceptional service and honest value to customers who would like to have their vehicle serviced in the company’s auto shop. What sets the company apart from other repair shops, however, is its commitment to its neighbors. Its mission is to establish respectful, long-term relationships with customers, vendors, and employees by upholding the core Christian values of integrity, quality work, honesty, and superior service.

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