Revolutionary treatment ushers in hope for hair regrowth with proven success

Mumbai, June, 2017 – Patients suffering hair loss have a reason to cheer. QR 678, touted as the revolutionary molecule to engineer hair regrowth has proven proved its efficacy over other treatments. PRP therapy, an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma and stem cells injections have been widely used to treat hair fall in the recent past. However, QR678, the novel molecule developed by a team of Indian researchers led by the brilliant Dr.Debraj Shome, has outshone other treatment options.


Dr.Debraj Shome, the lead researcher in the successful development of QR678 said “The breakthrough we achieved was of standards that were and are a notch above available forms of treatment. True to our belief that stemmed from our careful study of the molecule the QR678 has actually surpassed expectations in delivery”. Dr.Debraj and his team are swamped with requests for administering the treatment, many of whom are patients flying in from foreign nations.


The treatment involves injecting the molecule into the scalp to induce and facilitate hair regrowth. Follicular health and growth determines the outcomes of therapy and the wonder drug has delivered better results compared to other forms of treatment. Beginning with the needles, right through to the outcome, it is a treatment that offers the best shot at getting a head full of hair.


Treatments generally combat hair loss as a result of some factors, offering lesser chances for pattern baldness among other types of hair loss. For instance, patients above a certain age, with male pattern baldness had lesser chances of getting hair back on the scalp. That is all set to change as proved by the marvel molecule, the QR678. Patients diagnosed with male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness can look at regaining their crowning glory.


“Our research took us through some of the most advanced genetic labs, as we synthesized the molecules to trigger hair regrowth, and the rest as is generally said, is history”, recounts Dr.Debraj Shome, beaming with happiness as his team pores over statistics and case studies of patients who chose various routes to get hair back on their heads.


About provides access to one of the most effective ways for hair regeneration. The website provides patients access to the revolutionary hair treatment technique invented by internationally renowned skin care specialists, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, after four years of research in IIT Mumbai, Tata Memorial Hospital and Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.


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