How to use Jamaican black castor oil for hair problems

In early days, castor oil plays a significant role in the women’s beauty regimen. Castor oil provides so many benefits for skin and hair. Normally, people use organic castor oil in their beauty treatments. Jamaican black castor oil is also used in beauty treatments and it offers benefits same as the organic castor oil but the color of the oil varies.


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Uses black castor oil for hair issues:

Here, you can see how to use black castor oil to get rid of all your hair problems.

  • Before going to apply the black castor oil, wet your hair because water on your hair helps to dilute the castor oil and the spread the oil easily.
  • On the other hand, apply oil to the wet hair allows to attach the natural oil present on your hair strands. This helps the oil easily absorb into your skin.
  • Always use less amount of castor oil because your scalp absorbs less amount of oil. Excessive oil content only forms the thick layer on the scalp, which causes distribution problem.
  • Always apply oil to the hair as you apply oil to the skin.
  • To get rid of castor oil smell, you can add some essential oils to it. This boosts hair growth and reduces the secretion of sebum. The anti-fungal property of the oil also helps to fight against dandruff.
  • You can mix Jamaican castor oil with other oils such as olive oil and almond oil. This oil mix promotes hair growth as well as nourishes your hair.


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