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Barrel Pro Brewing Equipment LLC is one of the professional beer equipment manufacturers in Florida. They have many years of experience in making Brewhouse equipment, Cellar equipment, and Packaging equipment. All of their brewing masters are well trained beer brewers from the United States and Germany. They prepare high-end and standard beer equipment for batch sizes up to one barrel. Their beer equipment has new features that have not previously available to the home brewers.

First, Barrel Pro Brewing LLC is introducing the cellar equipment, which is the best choice for the home brewers to improving their beer brewing. This cellar equipment comes with sanitary design and produces the perfectly crafted beers. Their beer equipment will help home brewers to take their brewing to the next level.

Cellar Beer Equipment

Beer equipment professionals at Barrel Pro Brewing Equipment LLC constructing the cellar equipment with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction. This beer equipment has several benefits like, won’t scratch easily, do not allow the ingress of oxygen, light. The stainless steel design protects the fermenting beer from unwanted microorganisms. Their cellar beer equipment includes additional features, they are:

  • Hygienic Design – Beer brewers prepare high quality of cellar equipment that ensures the hygienic design and it can be easily cleaned.
  • Bottom Port – The bottom port is used to allow the easy harvesting of yeast. Their cellar equipment has a 1.5-inch tri-clamp in bottom port, which is used to remove the trub from the fermenter.
  • Additions Port – Additions port is located on the lid of cellar equipment, which is used to add dry hops, finings, and other flavors during the fermentation. Additions port comes with 3-inch tri-clamp.
  • Blow-Off Port – Cellar beer equipment has a separate 1.5-inch tri-clamp on the lid.
  • Valves and Fittings – Cellar beer equipment comes with additional valves and fittings on the bottom port, racking port, a blow-off fitting, and the additions port.

About Barrel Pro Brewing Equipment LLC

Barrel Pro Brewing Equipment LLC is a leading beer equipment manufacturer and supplier in Florida. Their founder Kevin Eggemeyer has completed Master Brewer Program at the University of California, Davis. With a professional qualification of their founder, will take the brewing skills into the next level and create perfectly beers. In addition, all of their beer equipment manufacturers are skilled and experienced brewers from the United States and Germany. To know more about their beer equipment, visit



850 NW Federal Hwy Suite 457

Stuart, FL 34994


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