Experienced Divorce Attorney in Hackensack, NJ for Mediation

Dissolution the marital life is not always easy. The legal litigation and lawsuit proceedings make a person life miserable by affecting the economic and social status of a person. There are different types of Divorce like Contested, Uncontested, Collaborative, Summary and Default Divorce. Divorces under the Contested, Collaborative and Summary divorce can get easily as both the spouses are in agreement to get the divorce with all settlements. Uncontested Divorces are messiest and daunting divorce process whether neither the spouses are in agreement about their settlements like in Division of assets, Child Custody which easily leads to trials.

There is another method to proceed in the divorce process is through mediation, the process where the lawyers of both spouses can get into agreements of the settlements via the mediator help. Mediation is the process of mediating between the spouses in getting the agreement with the divorce process and litigation. Divorce process doesn’t have a pre-trial process. In New Jersey, the state lawsuit has provided a pre-trial process as Economic Mediation via EPS before going into the Trials.

Early Settlement Panel

5-6 months after filed divorce case, the court will schedule for the Early Settlement Panel. That means to assist them in settlement through the Panel. On the day of the settlement panel, the panelists will offer the recommendation on how they believe and how you should settle your divorce. If you and your spouse find it helpful, then you can get the divorce in the same day. If you or your spouse doesn’t like the settlement by the ESP panel means then you can proceed to court and the court will order economic mediation.

Economic Mediation

Post ESP, the court will address to go through the Economic mediation process to proceed with the divorce. It offers an opportunity to resolve your case without going to trial. You and your spouse will once again submit proposals to a neutral mediator. If both the spouses are taking hard to hit to the common ground, then the case is taken to trial state at the Courtroom.  But most of the cases don’t go to trial and get settlements through these processes.

An experienced Lawyer will help you as the Mediator who will help their clients in presenting their interest to the panelist and the judge through the EPS and Economic Mediation in the New Jersey lawsuit. For more information, visit https://epdivorcelawyer.com/


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