Gator Leak Detection – Top Rated Swimming Pool Leak Detection Service Provider

Gator Leak Detection is one of the top rated swimming pool leak detection service providers in Florida. With many years of experience in swimming pool leak detection service, they provide leak detection and repair services at reasonable rates. They have highly talented swimming pool specialists and have today’s latest equipment for successfully completing the pool leak detection projects. Their pool leak detection technicians will find the leaky places in your swimming and repair it within a day.

Leaks in the pool can extremely affect your swimming pool and pool owner should lose more money as well as water. Every swimming pool needs a maintaining service at least once in three months. Pool owners can identify the swimming pool leaks by simply following the below steps:

  • If the swimming pool is losing water more than 1/8 of an inch over within 24 hours.
  • If you identify that there was the crack on the pool tiles.
  • If you notice any bubbles on the pool pumps.

If you consider the above tips and identify there was a leak in your pool, then it is best to hire a pool leak detection company. Swimming pool experts in Gator Leak Detection will help the pool owners by providing a quality of pool leak detection service, before it gets major issue.

Leak Detection Process

Gator Leak Detection has a three step leak detection process to recover the swimming pool with running its best. First of all, they take time to fully inspect the swimming pools pump and surface. Then one of their pool leak detection experts performs the DYE test with an ultrasonic listening technology. By using this method, they can quickly pinpoint your leak. Finally, after locating the pool leaks, their leak detection specialist will create a custom plan to finish the repair service as soon as possible.

About Gator Leak Detection

Gator Leak Detection is a leaking pool service provider in Florida, who provides the best swimming pool leak detection service to their customers. They are a certified pool leak detection company with many years of experience in handling pool services. Their pool leak detection technicians perform various methods with modern tools, including bucket test, dye test to identify the leak place in the swimming pools. To know more information about swimming pool leak detection, visit



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