Palm Beach Green Screen – Take Photography using Green Screen Technology

Palm Beach Green Screen is one of the well known digital photography studios in Florida. They take photography with the use of digital green screen technology and their photographer has more than 20 years of experience. With digital green screen technology, they have an ability to take the people anywhere around the globe. Photographers at Palm Beach Green Screen are highly talented in capturing the pictures and applying the green screen effects. They have all the latest cameras and software for providing the perfect piece of green screen photography.

Green Screen Digital Technology

Green screen digital technology is the process of editing an image by replacing the background of a captured picture. The background may be anything, which includes the moon, a beautiful beach, favorite sports stadium, a dinosaur near you, and more. Photography technicians at Palm Beach Green Screen using a chroma key technology for capturing the portrait pictures.


Palm Beach Green Screen specializes in providing photography services like green screen photo booth rental services that are used in some great events, including birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, and other family events. By using the digital green screen technology, they can make any of your events more interactive and more fun. They offer a green screen photo booth rental service at affordable rates. Generally, green screen photography used in the movies only; but, Palm Beach Green Screen provides this service to the family events also.

In addition, photographers at Palm Beach Green Screen will use the high quality point and shoot camera, single lens reflex camera for green screen photography. The process of image merging has done through the computer software for providing the HD green screen pictures.

About Palm Beach Green Screen

Palm Beach Green Screen is a leading green screen photography studio in Florida for providing photography services at competitive price. Their founder Rich has over 20 years of experience in photography services. All of their photographers are talented workers to make your family events memorable. They offer the highest level of customer service to their beloved clients. To know more information about take photography using green screen technology, visit



19129 SE Robert Dr,

Tequesta, FL 33469,

United States

Phone: 561-512-7215


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