Why Sales Quoting Tool is such a Valuable Software Product

With more and more VAR companies replacing Excel sheets with quoting tools for quote creation, you might wonder what makes these software tools so special and attractive. The Best sales quoting software come with extensive functionalities that transform quoting work from painstaking to easy and profitable.

Features that make these software tools so valuable are given below:

Easy of Use

Had there been difficulty in using the tool, the very purpose of incorporating it into the business would be defeated. However, this is not the case. The quoting application is user-friendly, so your sales reps will face no difficulty in understanding the software application. It comes with a point and click interface, thereby offering the easiest way of operating the software tool. The interface gives you quick and easy access to all the functionalities of the software application. Hence, it makes it remarkably easy to create and send quotes. You have to simply login into the software and then click on whatever you want to change. It is that simple.

Mobile Quoting App

Yes, most quoting solutions are available online, so users can manage their quoting work efficiently from outside office buildings. The Best online quoting tools will take your business online and make your team more efficient. However, sales reps while travelling can find it slightly inconvenient to carry their laptops for managing their work. To resolve these issues, Mobile app quoting software have been designed which allow users to use mobile devices for quoting purpose. So now you can use those pocket-sized smartphones for running the quoting application. This allows greater convenience as now sales reps can manage their quoting job on the go.

Workflow Management

VAR companies implement workflow management in order to keep track of quotes that are sent to the customers. With quoting tools, you can also setup authorization workflows for compliance monitoring and approval routing of quotes. So if a sales rep creates a quote that does not meet the set criteria, it will not be possible to send the quote to the customer and moreover it will be automatically routed to higher authority for approval.

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