Tobia Pool Care, LLC – Most Successful Pool Service provider in Palm Beach

Tobia Pool Care, LLC is a family operated and most successful pool service provider in Palm Beach, FL. They are a licensed and fully insured swimming pool service company founded by Lou Tobia, Jr. in 2012. All of their pool service technicians are talented professionals who will provide quality of pool maintaining service in all over South Florida. They also provide pool leak detection and pool repair services and have maintenance plans on a weekly / monthly basis. In addition, they received a Best of HomeAdvisor 2016 Award.

Pool Service

Tobia Pool Care, LLC offers full of pool service in three different packages, such as Silver Package, Gold Package, and Platinum Package. These different levels of packages will satisfy the customers’ needs and budget.

Silver Package

The Silver Package is a great way to get started with their pool services. This package costs just $50 a month and is mainly for chemical service. The Silver Package includes PH testing, chlorine replacement, total alkalinity, and hardness testing. Also, this package provides full inspection of your swimming pool and all related tools.

Gold Package

The Gold Package costs $55 a month and is comes with silver package’s service plus a filter cleaning service. This package is used to balancing the chemicals in the swimming pool and properly cleaning the filters. In addition, this package provides a 17-point inspection on all your pool.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package costs $75 a month and is coming with all the services including the gold package. One of the pool technicians in Tobia Pool Care will help you by providing all the necessary information on pool service. The Platinum Package service includes, a complete chemical balancing, skimming and removing the debris and leaves, clean the filters and pool pump baskets, and a 17-point inspection for both the pool and all equipment.

About Tobia Pool Care, LLC

Tobia Pool Care, LLC is a leading swimming pool service provider in Palm Beach, FL. Since 1012, they have successfully completed many pool leak detection and repair services. They have experienced and well trained professionals in maintaining your pool and spa. They provide a weekly pool maintenance plans and monthly pool maintenance plans; and also providing a free estimation for your swimming pool. To know more information about their pool service in Palm Beach, visit



6492 Kirsten Way,

Lake Worth, Florida 33467

Phone: (561) 232-8140


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